Your guide to ensuring your migration to SharePoint Online delivers optimal content and satisfied users

A move to SharePoint Online from an existing ECM system can present a series of complexities which can lead to difficulties during the migration process.

With this in mind, we have put together this ebook as a guide to migrating between many ECM systems and SharePoint Online in the hope that this knowledge will enable you to plan for and execute a smooth transition to your new SharePoint platform. 

Download this eBook to understand these key areas:

    • Approach to structuring content – how SharePoint logically and physically separates content into repositories.

    • Content types and properties – SharePoint Online supports several types of content, which is necessary in a collaborative environment. This section provides an overview of versioning, classification and metadata as well as content variations and relationships.

    • Content security – an important feature when it comes to your migration; variations in access levels and configurations can range from simple policies in some systems to very elaborate security in others.

    • Content federation – covers third-party integrations and how they can be transferred to SharePoint. It also details how ECMs link documents together, and the impact this can have when migrating to SharePoint Online.

    • Personalized features – SharePoint offers a personalized workspace with the addition of OneDrive.