Business Process Automation

Facilitate business growth through increased process efficiency

Increase your business agility

Inefficient business processes result in long wait times, errors in execution, time spent tracking down and correcting errors, and a feeling among your team members that their time and efforts are not appreciated. In short, they slow you down and make it more difficult for you to make quick adjustments to the rapidly changing business landscape of today.

Business Process Automation takes complex, time-consuming tasks and, through a technology-driven approach, streamlines and automates those processes—reducing both the time it takes to complete tasks, the duration of the task and the risk of costly errors.

By granting your teams the advantages of business process automation, you create a more efficient, more agile environment. From customer service to accounting to field services and more, automating and standardizing processes allows your teams more time to innovate and excel in their positions.

Here’s how:

Improved data accuracy

Human error in data entry can be incredibly costly when it is not caught right away. Digitalization and verification of your data ensures the accuracy of your data—giving your decision-makers a more complete picture of your organization's measurables.   And the insights from this more accurate data will help your organization continue to improve and optimize your processes as you grow.

Demonstrable return on investments

TEAM IM has over 20 years of experience helping our partners get the most out of their business processes. We will help you transform your processes and give you the tools and support to track and verify your return on investment.

Whether your end goal is containing costs, improving service delivery, increasing service quality, simplifying processes that have grown too complicated over time, achieving digital transformation, or some combination of any or all of these, our business process automation tools are up to the task.

Effective in- and outside the office

Business Process Automation is not just something for administrative teams. Digitizing and standardizing processes is an effective method to improve services and outcomes across industries and departments.

From field data collection to accounts payable, creating simple workflows that take the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of a task out of the human worker’s hands lets all of your teams focus on higher-level tasks and decision making—the kind of thinking you probably hired them for in the first place.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few success stories from TEAM IM’s long history of resolving the challenges of business process automation faced by our clients.


Leading Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm goes Digital

Field Service Consultants would start with blank forms to perform inspection surveys and once complete, they would type the collected data into a word document and send that to their main office. Another employee would then send the compiled report to the respective client, making it very clear that VDA had a paper problem.

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Fulton Hogan - Transforming Construction Management

Leveraging the expertise of TEAM IM, Fulton Hogan has been able to functionally replace, migrate from and thus successfully decommission a number of systems, realising significant cost savings in the process.

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hhb new. featured

Himmelwright, Huguley, Boles LLC

HHB was looking for a M-Files partner that could service their broader vision of implementing an end-to-end accounting services platform that included M-Files, a client portal, and back-end tax/accounting services processing. TEAM IM’s M-Connect solution was the perfect fit to stand up a secure HHB customer portal seamlessly integrated with M-Files.

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Allied Real Estate Investment Trust – eForms (frevvo) and TEAM IM’s Enhanced Support for eForms and M-Files

REIT was looking to create a much more efficient and secure way of completing work tasks to maintain their properties. M-Files could provide REIT ease-of-use, document security and sharing, and dynamic views unique to the user’s role. The company sought out TEAM IM for their expertise in M-Files and eForms to set up a proof of concept, developing an eForm that collects information on employee or subcontractor activity whenever they went to a building.

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salem logo featured

Digital Transformation of Employee Onboarding at Salem Regional Medical Center

The Salem Regional Medical Center was looking to rework their employee application and onboarding processes through the integration of Frevvo to M-Files. These new eForms would smooth out the process and make the onboarding more efficient, moving away from the paper process.

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regency new featured

Regency Centers – M-Files Migration from Cloud to On-Premise

Having already deployed M-Files, Regency sought to select an M-Files Authorized Service Provider (MASP) who could offer best-practice consulting services to ensure their M-Files platform was upgraded, migrated and optimized, delivering the essential capabilities and value the organization required.

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Product Pages

Redesigning and automating business processes is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. Every company has its own unique needs, and we offer a wide range of tools and support to make sure your organization can best optimize its processes.

frevvo featured


Optimize your workflows and integrate enterprise data with the easy-to-use eForm and visual workflow functions of frevvo.

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m-connect featured


Create intuitive, branded portals that will give your team members, partners, and clients the secure access they need anywhere in the world. This development platform is available with functions designed for field services, accounting, and more.

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Intelligently manage your content with one of the highest rated content management platforms in the world. And who better to help you deploy and service your M-Files than the Authorized Service Partners and Certified App Developers at TEAM IM?

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Field Services

Prioritize efficiency and safety for your agents in the field by taking advantage of the newest hardware and software—including intelligent checklists on hands-free devices that work whether you have a WiFi connection or not.

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Accounting Services

Manage the often complex legal landscape of the accounting world by building compliance standards into your processes, all while improving your data storage and procurement procedures so that your clients are always up-to-date on their finances.

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dropbox featured

Dropbox Sign

Get the signatures you need quickly, simply, and securely without the need for hard copies of documents - a perfect product for the modern work landscape.

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“That was a major turning point, where a (large) client saw the solution and agreed to go first.’ The product pretty much sold itself, which helped immensely.”

Marcus Gibson
Group IMS Manager, Fulton Hogan