Redaction Service and AutoRedaction

Protect your content from prying eyes. To minimize the risk of costly data breaches, our Redaction services and AutoRedaction product set ensure that, if unauthorized eyes get a look at your data, they can’t take anything useful away.

Fight data vulnerability at the source

Whether protecting a client’s personal data from identity thieves, ensuring compliance with medical confidentiality requirements, or ensuring a document secured through a Freedom of Information Act request does not divulge information that is still classified, redacting documents is a necessary part of the modern landscape.

Protecting data is more important now than it ever has been. Data breaches cost businesses money, resources and hit their reputations hard. Locating and redacting vulnerable data before the wrong people have a chance to see it is absolutely imperative.


Filter Stored Content

Using our comprehensive rules engine, you can identify the documents containing privileged information. Then you can choose what to do with that data — is permanent data redaction called for? That’s up to you.


Flexible Identification

Whether locating action items via pattern recognition or using a “location-based” approach that redacts information based on its relation to a key phrase like “Social Security Number:” AutoRedaction will identify the information you want to be protected.


Freedom of Choice

Our Redaction Service provides an admin dashboard that allows you to configure what to redact and how to integrate redacted documents into your business. We can generate redacted renditions of any document, replacing the original unredacted version, or make redacted renditions generally available while securing the original document with special access permissions or an audited workflow. You can protect your information the way you choose.

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Our clients seeing success with AutoRedaction service


Keeping your information secure is expensive and complicated — and if your precautions aren’t enough, the cost to your bottom line can be massive. By using automated redaction, you go to the source to ensure that you get the correct data redacted as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Identify pattern-based data

Businesses today filter through massive amounts of data. Advanced pattern recognition and artificial intelligence functionality filter through that data to find important items that require fast redaction in bulk.

Identify non-pattern data through location

By selecting an anchor that will lead to sensitive data, we can locate actionable items in documents that don’t fit into neat patterns. No matter the document, our redaction software can find the information you need to protect.

Securely redact sensitive information from content

It isn’t easy, but firewalls can be breached. By utilizing our document redaction software, you address potential data vulnerabilities at the source and add an unprecedented layer of security to not only your data but your customers’ data.

Works with virtually any source of content

Whether you are protecting information from medical records, contracts with vendors, or the personal information of your customers, AutoRedaction products will identify sensitive information and give you the choice of how to proceed based on your security protocols and workflows.

Redact manually or automatically as needed

While many redaction functions can be handled via AutoRedaction products’ comprehensive rules engine, special cases will occasionally arise. When redacting a document requires a human touch, you can utilize any automated function manually without adding dozens of new steps to your redaction workflow.

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