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M-Files Ment – Automate documents quickly, accurately, and see changes in real time

M-Files Ment is a next-generation document automation tool that helps seamlessly generate complex, data-driven documents quickly and consistently. It empowers organizations with one-of-a-kind self-service tools that empower knowledge workers to generate documents and contracts from a standard complex template.  The templates handle inclusion and exclusion of standard clauses based on input obtained directly from the counterparty via a webform.  M-Files Ment makes document and contract generation easy and compliant with intuitive clause libraries, 100% visual automation, white-labeling, APIs, and more.

rapid time

Rapid time to value

  • Template authors can learn how to create complex templates in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Line of business staff can generate documents and contracts quickly, safe in the knowledge that contract clauses are pre-vetted.
  • Include and exclude clauses based on web form inputs. e.g. Include GDPR or CCPA clauses based on customer location.
document creation

Streamline document creation

  • M-Files Ment users add information into an electronic form which gets merged into the document or contract template automatically.
  • Clients can be involved in the document creation process by receiving a link that allows them to easily fill out and submit a data on a form that populates the document.

Stay compliant

  • Documents generated with M-Files Ment use pre-approved clauses, branding, and templates.
  • M-Files Ment features a clause library which allows for storage of commonly used text that can easily be dropped into generated documents.
  • Define the styles your organization are allowed to use. Change the fonts, text sizes, indentation, etc. to meet your branding guidelines.

Use Features

automate templates

Automate templates

Build and edit automated templates and publish them for others in your organization.
generate documents

Generate documents

Generate new documents by answering or sharing questions of an automated template.
clause library

Clause library

Build and edit clauses. Clauses are automated blocks that you can reuse in multiple templates.
archive documents

Archive Documents

M-Files Ment can store the generated documents in an archive for future use.
document styles

Document styles

Define the styles your templates will use. Change the fonts, text sizes, indentation etc. to make sure your document follow branding guidelines.


Track the number of generated documents and automated templates to determine usage.

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Discover why our customers love
M-Files Ment

Discover why our customer love M-Files MENT


M-Files Ment -
Clause Library

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