Modern UI for WebCenter

Extend and enhance your Investment in Oracle's Content Platform 

Take Control

You’ve invested in the robust enterprise content management power of Oracle WebCenter, but find the interface dated, and new users seem uninterested and unable to integrate it in their day-to-day workflows. Combining the power of Oracle WebCenter with a next-generation Angular interface gives the power of Content back to your employees.


Integrate with O365

The modern UI introduces integration and co-existence with Office 365 through a new Office Online ribbon, accessible from the web and mobile interfaces for Office co-author and co-editing in Office Online.


Tablet Ready

The modern world moves quickly, and you never know where you will need to access your content. Our Modern UI is designed to maintain its ease of use no matter what device you use.




The modern UI runs alongside the existing Oracle ADF and HTML user interfaces, making it easy to deploy and run in parallel.  The existing folder structure, saved searches and content profiles are preserved and leveraged in the new UI.

Put Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

Each member of your team can customize their home screen with panels representing frequently accessed documents, datasets, and query results.

Personalize your content with pinned views and quick search panels, favorites, follows, and a new way to browse and search for content with our latest version of our Smart Logic Semaphore Ontology Browser.  Empower your team members to create a digital workspace that allows them to focus on getting the job done.

NZISM Compliance and GCIO Cloud Risk Assessments

Modern UI Features


TEAM IM combined user experience experts with our 20 plus years of Content Management experience to create a modern & functional experience.

Maximize User Adoption

Designed for ease of use—allowing users to run business functions with minimal instruction.

Document Preview Options

Choose between Standard and Pro document previews depending on your business needs.

Improved Responsiveness

Client-side processing improves UI performance and responsiveness and reduces infrastructure requirements.  Improve the experience for your users and significantly save on infrastructure costs.


TEAM IM created a RESTful web service layer for WebCenter to hook up our  Modern UI.  This serves as an integration layer that can easily be extended to incorporate calls to other applications. 

Speak to the Experts

“That was a major turning point, where a (large) client saw the solution and agreed to go first.’ The product pretty much sold itself, which helped immensely.”

Marcus Gibson
Group IMS Manager, Fulton Hogan