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developing a data migration strategy white paper

Developing a Data Migration Strategy

Data migration is the process of moving data between two systems, usually at scale. With the rate of change in technology, it is not uncommon to change to new applications and seed the new system with existing business information. Even so, these transfers come with often overlooked challenges. There are time tested ways of managing the data migration process, but at the same time, each migration is unique. This document will provide a brief overview of the process to create a data migration strategy for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

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Designing High-Performance WebCenter Content Deployments

With over ten years of practical experience in the design and distribution of WebCenter and WebCenter Content (WCC) systems throughout the world, let’s take a closer look at the main components, how to best design high-performance deployments, and additional recommendations.

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Ingestion and Storage Scalability - Comparing MS SharePoint to Oracle UCM

If you are responsible for architecting and executing Enterprise 2.0 systems, then you will want to review this white paper as we performed experimental scenarios for content ingestion and show comparisons between the two content management systems.

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Content-Enabling Your Insurance Business Using Oracle BPM and WebCenter Content

After producing case studies for two insurance companies which we review in this white paper, value, flexibility, and experience are just a few of many things Oracle BPM and WebCenter Content will bring to your business.

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Choosing Your Path with Oracle Site Studio and WebCenter Sites

Take a glimpse at the strengths and weaknesses of Oracle Site Studio and WebCenter Sites, as we will also take a closer look at the 4 pillars "M4", the strategy, and the satisfaction.

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Using IRM to Protect Duplicate Copies of Records

With endless amounts of information that is designed and manipulated every day throughout the world of content management, this paper presents an example of how easy it is to duplicate records outside of the records management repository and reveals how to protect those records.

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Monitoring a WebCenter Content Deployment with Enterprise Manager

Understand the importance of monitoring, what to monitor, application servers to monitor, and view a monitoring tool available for Oracle WebCenter Content.

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Navigating WebCenter: A Roadmap for What to Use, When to Use It, and Why?

Let us guide you in selecting the best product for your needs if you are looking to grow or upgrade your online presence and company intranet across the enterprise by using the WebCenter 11g Suite of products: WebCenter Content, Portal, Sites, and Social.

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An Efficient Email Management Strategy Using Oracle Records Management

Let us walk you through best practices when it comes to email management like regulating costs which could increase drastically at the corporate level, how to remain compliant, ensure security, and advantages to why Oracle Records Management is the best fit for your business.

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Why Enterprise 2.0 is Important to You: A Depictive Analysis of Offerings from Microsoft and Oracle

Managers in the market to purchase your companies next Enterprise 2.0 system won't want to miss this paper as we compare SharePoint 2010 and Oracle from social environments, business system integrations, manageability, a secure work environment, and much more.

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Proven Approach to Multi-Lingual Sites

The amount of challenges when it comes to multi-lingual sites is excessive but there is now a proven solution for the production and maintenance through the use of Oracle UCM and the Multi-Language Site Solution which we will discuss in this white paper.

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Oracle WebCenter Suite & Microsoft Office 365: Understanding the Difference

As a proud partner of Oracle and Microsoft, TEAM IM explains the differences between the two and their products in this white paper to better determine what is best for each client's organization to get the greatest value for their investment.

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UCM and The Semantic Web Content Management Technology

Providing productivity solutions with a focus on imaging services for document management and processing of records, transactions, and projects, let's take a closer look at the benefits, examples, and security of content management technology.

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