M-Files Enterprise Records Management with AutoRecords

Ensure compliance, reduce costs and gain a strategic advantage

Automate your records management and compliance

With AutoRecords and M-Files, enterprise records management with a modern automated approach is easy to achieve. Policies are automatically applied as documents are created and updated. Disposition is automatically scheduled and can be executed with or without approval. Records managers have full view to the entire schedule and easy access to disposition logs to ensure compliance with audit requirements.


Empower Your Records Managers

Records Managers finally have a set of tools to help them easily ensure that the retention policies of the organization are being consistently applied and enforced.


Improve Information Management Maturity

AutoRecords works in the background to keep the records you need, dispose of those you don't, and ensure records on hold are preserved.  Automating these core processes with reliable, repeatable rules increases your overall IM maturity.

Avoid the risk of the Digital Landfill-1

Avoid the risk of the Digital Landfill 

As volume increases so does the difficulty of insuring compliance and containing litigation costs. Finding and managing content is harder and the burden on your users increases.

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Our clients seeing success with AutoRecords

AutoRecords for M-Files

AutoRecords is the complete records management automation solution for the M-Files platform. 

If you use M-Files and you need to comply with record-keeping regulations, let AutoRecords do the hard work for you.


M-Files records management with AutoRecords provides an easy-to-use solution that offers a range of powerful features designed to empower your records managers, improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

Policy Automation

Your organization’s retention policies are automatically applied. Policies are enforced across documents, physical records and other objects your organization may have such as Projects, Products, Clients and even Employees. The polices are automatically applied as content is created and responds to changes when updates occur.

Automated Record Declaration

Beyond traditional methods of manually declaring records, modern records management in M-Files provides an opportunity to automatically declare records based on metadata. Content is monitored for changes that will “trigger” the declaration of a record. This eliminates errors associated with manual records declaration.

Legal Holds

Holds provide the ability to comply with litigation and audits and ensure documents are preserved for audits and litigation. Multiple Holds can be applied to a single document and the Hold can be set to automatically expire after the audit or litigation has completed.

Certificate Of Destruction

Built-in capabilities for simple disposition logs or more complex exports of Disposition Actions provide the flexibility to meet your auditing needs. The audit ready architecture ensures that as compliance requirements change over time, any new reports and exports can be produced.

Scheduled Events & Visibility

Records Management in M-Files provides capabilities for a Records Manger that are unmatched in any other platform. All retention actions are scheduled as Events within M-Files. The M-Files 360 Degree View provides an intuitive way for Records Managers to see exactly what retention events are scheduled and most importantly what documents and objects will be impacted by each Event.

Indirect Retention

With M-Files exceptional capabilities in automatically maintaining relationships between documents and objects, Records Managers can implement retention policies based on these relationships. Changes to Projects, Clients, Deals, Employees, etc. can all “trigger” retention for related documents.

Enterprise Compliance

M-Files’ ability to connect to other repositories such as a Network File Shares, means that the records management policies defined in M-Files can be applied to files stored in network shares as well. Records Managers are able to create a single wholistic view of records management policies across the entire organization.


AutoRecords for M-Files is an M-Files certified Vault Application.  It leverages the power of M-Files Objects, Classes and Metadata, M-Files Intelligence Services (including Discovery) and M-Files Workflows to fully automate your Records compliance processes.  Available  for purchase directly from M-Files, your M-Files Partner or direct from TEAM IM.

Physical Records

Using the power of M-Files non-document objects, physical record management is just as easy as electronic records management. Records Managers are assigned tasks based on the retention policies which maintain the integrity of the organizations physical record stores.

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