Automate your compliance to avoid unnecessary cost and errors

Automate your records management and compliance

The key to successful information governance practices is to remove the reliance on users and automate manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes.

AutoRecords from TEAM provides you with an easy way to automate records management, with end-to-end processes that run seamlessly, out of sight and with no reliance on end users. Setting up Records Management rules and policies is straightforward.  These rules can then be simply applied to a range of systems, including M-Files and IML enabled ECM's, Network Drives and Cloud File Systems, to deliver compliant content wherever it is stored.


Liberate your Records Managers

Records Managers have long had the challenge of manually developing and implementing compliance policies and processes. With volumes of content and number of systems continually increasing you need a new approach.


Improve Information Management Maturity

AutoRecords works in the background to keep the records you need, dispose of those you don't, and freeze those you do not want altered.  Automating these core processes with reliable, repeatable rules increases your overall IM maturity.


Avoid the risk of the Digital Landfill 

Keeping everything because records management is too hard doesn't work. As volumes increase, so does the burden on your users. Finding and managing content is harder, meaning frustration and increased risk of security breach.

AutoRecords for M-Files

AutoRecords is the complete records management automation solution for the M-Files platform. 

If you use M-Files and you need to comply with record-keeping regulations, let AutoRecords do the hard work for you.


AutoRecords is a simple-to-use solution that offers a range of powerful features to make the automation of records management simple to design and easy to execute. 

Automatic, rules-based policies

AutoRecords works in the background to automatically enforce your company's retention and disposition policies. Configurable filters determine which policies apply based on the classification of content making it easy for AutoRecords to apply rules based on the context and purpose of individual documents.

Leverage Auto-Classification

Auto-Classification ensures retention category assignment (and therefore compliance) across the organization. M-Files Intelligence Services and Smart Classifiers combined with AutoRecords auto-classification rules provides seamless end to end automation to reduce risk, increase maturity and enhance user experience.

Legal Holds

AutoRecords includes the ability to create a Legal Hold to prevent unauthorized access, alteration and destruction of documents (AutoRecords actions are also preserved).  Legal Holds can be configured to expire automatically, making it easy to ensure costly errors are avoided.

Auditable Disposal

AutoRecords retains a record of every action executed, including reviews, holds, and dispositions.  The history of these actions can be exported for external analysis and visualization, or viewed through TEAM's M-Connect Graph utility, and can serve as certificates of destruction where needed.

Event Scheduling & Visibility

When AutoRecords assigns a Retention Category to a document, it also schedules an event that is visible in the M-Files 360 degree view. The ability to see documents and the events that have been assigned provides records managers and users with full visibility of every event and action scheduled in the future, improving transparency and maturity across your organization.


All AutoRecords actions are implemented as steps in M-Files Workflows, and can be extended to manage documents in other systems, giving you a true enterprise-wide records management solution. Automating the archival of project documents or disposing of all the HR documents relating to someone leaving the business becomes straightforward and reliable. 

Supported Systems

AutoRecords integrates with a number of content management platforms.

In addition, the M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer enables policies and rules setup in AutoRecords to be applied to content in other systems connected to the M-Files platform.


AutoRecords for M-Files is an M-Files accredited Vault Application.  It leverages the power of M-Files Objects, Classes and Metadata, M-Files Intelligence Services (including Discover) and M-Files Workflows to fully automate your Records compliance processes.  Available  for purchase directly from M-Files, your M-Files Partner or direct from TEAM.

ECM & File Shares

Using the Power of M-Files' IML connector, extend AutoRecords to cover content in ECM, SharePoint and Network File Shares. Using a single records management configuration at the center of your content management architecture enables you to add compliance and records management policies to your managed content in a wide range of repositories.

Cloud-based Systems

Apply your Record Management policy across supported Cloud file, sync and share (FSS) systems like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Oracle Content and Experience Cloud and OneDrive. Using the power of M-Files' IML, AutoRecords policies can be easily applied to your managed content in your Cloud file systems providing you a single set of policies for all content. 

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