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DeMaria Case Study

Discover how DeMaria significantly enhanced construction management efficiencies by integrating digital signature solutions through Dropbox Sign for Procore. This case study highlights the transformative journey of adopting eSignature technology, streamlining processes, and facilitating seamless project documentation management within the construction industry.

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texas commision

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Case Study

TCEQ has migrated over 80 TB of data to Oracle Cloud with the assistance of TEAM IM, boosting data management efficiency and cost savings for Texas.

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Leading Oil and Gas Midstream Services Provider Achieves Regulatory Compliance with AutoRecords for M-Files

A leading oil and gas midstream services provider adopted M-Files with AutoRecords to integrate and streamline records management across legacy systems, achieving enhanced security, scalability, and regulatory compliance. The collaboration with TEAM IM facilitated a successful migration and integration, minimizing business disruption and empowering the customer's teams to efficiently manage and scale their records system.

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City of Seattle WebCenter Upgrade Assistance

TEAM IM aided Seattle's WebCenter upgrade, reducing IT workload, accelerating timelines, migrating complex apps, and ensuring stakeholder approval, enhancing security and functionality.

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City of Seattle UAP Support

The City of Seattle and TEAM IM upgraded the Utility Assistance Program portal, enhancing its functionality and user interface, and equipped the city's IT team for its long-term maintenance, aimed at aiding citizens with utility bills.

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Globalstar Case Study

Globalstar, Inc. is an American communications company that specializes in providing satellite phone and low-speed data communications. They operate a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Their second-generation constellation consists of 25 LEO satellites.

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City of Seattle Procurement Support

Wanting to maintain and improve the Purchasing Portal application, the City of Seattle saw an opportunity to provide a more effective strategy for units to complete their work with improved consistency and reliability in documentation. They turned to TEAM IM to provide ongoing support and more during the transition.

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Global Merchant leverages ABBYY Vantage to transform processing of invoices and shipping documents.

Global Merchant, an agricultural trade giant established in 1851, has transformed its document management by integrating ABBYY Vantage for invoice and shipping document processing. Through its partnership with TEAM IM, the company has improved efficiency by automating document capture, facilitating smooth operations across its global network in more than 100 countries.

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Hawkins Companies

Hawkins Companies, a commercial real estate developer, partnered with TEAM IM to optimize M-Files usage. They streamlined operations, improved user adoption, and enhanced data management. The approach eliminated data silos, boosted collaboration, and increased ROI on their M-Files investment.

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Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

TEAM IM was called to migrate Ocean Spray's legacy SharePoint to SharePoint Online on M365, preserving security, document libraries, and custom forms/workflows. With the migration, they demonstrated migration efficiency and improved overall site navigation.

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TEAM IM Assists A Financial Company With Microsoft 365

Through years of trust, delivering comprehensive solutions and in turn, proving their expertise and dedication, TEAM IM was selected to assist this financial company with Microsoft 365. Eager to improve data sharing, efficiency, security and more, TEAM IM was up for the task.

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Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Oil-Dri, a specialty sorbent manufacturer since 1941, needed assistance assessing content management and guiding a Microsoft 365 strategy. They wanted to create a single-department deployment model and then collaborate with their resources for implementation. Oil-Dri reached out to the experts at TEAM IM to complete these tasks.

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Insurance and Wealth Management Company Case Study

Wanting to improve accuracy, customer satisfaction and make things more automated, this insurance and wealth management group knew they needed a partner with a strong background in M-Files and ABBYY. They reached out to the experts at TEAM IM to automate critical workflows.

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New Zealand Department of Conservation embraces content as a service to engage and empower its broader community.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) manages 30 percent of the entire nation’s land area, plus offshore protected areas that could soon include one of the world’s largest marine sanctuaries. To meet that mission more effectively, the department will be tapping into collaboration in the cloud and improved search for internal documents.

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abb case study-2

A Leading International Technology Company Case Study

A leading international technology company reached out to the experts at TEAM IM knowing that they had been a valuable development partner to JourneyApps. They are striving to boost the company’s sales quote generation process by streamlining and modernizing it to achieve a more productive and sustainable future.

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City of Seattle: Utility Assistance Program (UAP)

Partnering with the City of Seattle, Washington’s Information Technology Department, on behalf of Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light and their Utility Assistance Programs (UAPs), reached out to TEAM IM to improve the application process for assistance for citizens to help pay their utility bills.

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NCIS archive page

National Crop Insurance Services Uses M-Files For Portal Content Storage

Not having a secure way to store organization-related content records such as Microsoft office documents, videos, and other files for self-service access, National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) reached out to the experts at TEAM IM to assist. TEAM IM helped execute a solution to present M-Files content links that download content directly on the website.

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Nearing the end of the Oracle Support lifecycle for WebCenter Content 11g installations, Knoll was required to upgrade to the latest WebCenter Content platform. They reached out to the experts at TEAM IM to take on the task, who has an outstanding long-term relationship with Oracle to complete the project efficiently and effectively.

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Hertz - Document Archiving Project

As Tony’s business expanded from one location to 14, the volume of documents had increased drastically and had to be stored in offsite locations. He recognised that his business needed a software solution that could store the documentation digitally while making the search and retrieval process easier and more efficient for his staff. That is when Tony contacted M-Files and TEAM IM was introduced as one of M-Files’ premier global and Asia Pacific Partners.

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Strittmatter Companies

As Strittmatter Companies continued to grow significantly, they needed to find ways to increase overall efficiency in back-office operations. They wanted an easy, accurate, and faster solution to find documents and document information contained in physical paper documents. Strittmatter contacted TEAM IM to implement a content vault application in M-Files and provide ongoing Enhanced Development/Configuration support.

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captive alternatives

Captive Alternatives

Needing to migrate their vault from an on-premises location to the M-Files Cloud,
Captive Alternatives was referred to TEAM IM by M-Files to get the job done. M-Files believed TEAM IM’s skilled resources, coupled with years of experience would make them an ideal partner to assist in this migration.

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From Upgrades to Installations: How Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. Took On The Task

Needing to upgrade their WebCenter Content and WebCenter Imaging installations and also upgrade an existing, separate, custom 3rd party legacy application, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. reached out to the experts. They needed an outside company with the capability to update and rewrite the custom 3rd party product functionality so that it could operate within WCC v12c environment vs as a separate application.

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American Multinational Specialty Food Company Modernizes Portals using Angular and Oracle WebCenter

Modernizing the interface using Angular allowed this organization to have an easier to use interface while reducing maintenance costs to maintain that interface. It allowed developers to streamline communication with WebCenter Content and focus on building out the updated portal interfaces using Angular.

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Leading Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm goes Digital

Field Service Consultants would start with blank forms to perform inspection surveys and once complete, they would type the collected data into a word document and send that to their main office. Another employee would then send the compiled report to the respective client, making it very clear that VDA had a paper problem.

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SharePoint Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019-featured

Regency Centers Corporation: SharePoint Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019

Taking on the challenge of upgrading both simple and complex sites quickly, TEAM IM was able to accommodate changes with SharePoint 2019 best practices while maintaining the look and feel of the original SharePoint 2010 sites.

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Digital Transformation of Employee Onboarding at Salem Regional Medical Center

The Salem Regional Medical Center was looking to rework their employee application and onboarding processes through the integration of Frevvo to M-Files. These new eForms would smooth out the process and make the onboarding more efficient, moving away from the paper process.

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Fulton Hogan - Transforming Construction Management

Leveraging the expertise of TEAM IM, Fulton Hogan has been able to functionally replace, migrate from and thus successfully decommission a number of systems, realising significant cost savings in the process.

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Himmelwright, Huguley, Boles LLC

HHB was looking for a M-Files partner that could service their broader vision of implementing an end-to-end accounting services platform that included M-Files, a client portal, and back-end tax/accounting services processing. TEAM IM’s M-Connect solution was the perfect fit to stand up a secure HHB customer portal seamlessly integrated with M-Files.

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a major global

Rapid deployment of number porting portal for Major Global Telecommunications provider

A Major Global Telecommunication platform company was switching from one underlying network provider to another and needed to migrate clients. They contacted TEAM IM to assist with the migration and completed the task within just 6 weeks.

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seattle light city cover background

Seattle Modernizes Procurement System using Angular and WebCenter

Seattle City Light (SCL) is the public utility providing electrical power to Seattle, Washington, and parts of its metropolitan area. There was an opportunity to provide the Contracts & Procurement business unit a more effective strategy to complete their work through improved consistency and reliability in documentation.

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Migration to WebCenter with TEAM IMs Enhanced Support

State Agency – Migration to WebCenter with TEAM IM’s Enhanced Support

TEAM IM has been providing Enhanced Support for Oracle WebCenter for several years to the State Agency. Recently, the customer had a specific requirement to migrate permits from a legacy application into Oracle WebCenter and turned to TEAM IM for assistance.

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Regency Centers - Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019

Regency Centers Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019

Regency Center Migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019 Preview: Regency initially sought a migration partner to assist with their migration from M-Files Cloud to M-Files on-premise. Regency reached out to TEAM IM for assistance in migrating their existing SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019 with the upcoming end-of-life date for the 2010 version approaching.

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Allied Real Estate Investment Trust – eForms (frevvo) and TEAM IM’s Enhanced Support for eForms and M-Files

Allied Real Estate Investment Trust – eForms (frevvo) and TEAM IM’s Enhanced Support for eForms and M-Files

REIT was looking to create a much more efficient and secure way of completing work tasks to maintain their properties. M-Files could provide REIT ease-of-use, document security and sharing, and dynamic views unique to the user’s role. The company sought out TEAM IM for their expertise in M-Files and eForms to set up a proof of concept, developing an eForm that collects information on employee or subcontractor activity whenever they went to a building.

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Regency Centers - M-Files Migration from Cloud to On-Premise

Regency Centers – M-Files Migration from Cloud to On-Premise

Having already deployed M-Files, Regency sought to select an M-Files Authorized Service Provider (MASP) who could offer best-practice consulting services to ensure their M-Files platform was upgraded, migrated and optimized, delivering the essential capabilities and value the organization required.

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