Getting the most out of your tech often requires opening yourself up to new ideas. Whether familiarizing yourself with industry trends, getting tips from our experts, or taking a guided tour of the products that can help your organization flourish, we have the resources to spark your next great innovation.



From construction to accounting services and everywhere in between, content management and information management solutions have become an increasingly important component of success. Read about the benefits and innovations that are emerging in your field.

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TEAM IM Insights

At TEAM IM, we are constantly looking at strategies to improve our clients’ work lives. That can mean workflow tips to help integrate automation into your content management or highlighting new ideas in the world of leadership and people management. You’ll want to bookmark this page because it’s full of useful information and is updated frequently.

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Case Studies

Our client list is full of success stories from all over the world— from Oceania to Minnesota and from the public to the private sector. Take a look at what we’ve been able to help our clients achieve. If that’s what we did for them, what could we do for you?

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Product Documentation

Just how do our products work? These detailed overviews introduce our products and provide information on popular features and common use-cases.

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White Papers

The most in-depth analyses of how our products and services improve the way our clients do business are easily downloadable and free to everyone. Dig into the specifics of product comparisons, performance analysis, and more.

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M-Files Tour

Interested in improving your information management operations, but not quite sure what M-Files brings to the table? Take a multimedia tour of the many ways M-Files can improve the way you use, store, and view your content.

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