Business Process Optimization

Maximizing efficiency by optimizing technology


Genuine Business Transformation

Genuine business transformation often hinges on reinventing business processes by combining new and existing technology in novel ways.

Business transformation, when done right, does exactly what it describes. It transforms the business, often delivering exponential benefits, perhaps as the ability to scale, revenue growth, or perhaps in the form of customer convenience.

Underpinning this is a business process. Improving the business process is always a good place to start. Having ways to instantly analyze and test changes to business processes is invaluable.

Previously, this has not been an easy process. Even modern business intelligence tools require a significant investment in time and effort, using specialists. TEAM IM can help you optimize any business process and provide tools that make this process simple and easy. Best of all, you will be able to easily measure the improvements made, in terms of service improvement and cost savings.

Deep Analysis of Existing Processes

Our state of the art utilities take you beyond general business intelligence, process mining, and sequence analysis tools you may have tried, and provide unique insights within moments of connecting your data.

Analyze event, system, and workflow logs and other process data inputs to automatically create a visual model of your existing business processes, and highlight bottlenecks.

You will be able to exercise the model using various scenarios to gain further insights related to existing process inefficiencies and optimization options.

Model, Simulate and Improve

When seeking to optimize existing business processes, processing your actual data will give you the confidence you are receiving objective information. 

With a full range of modeling visualizations, you will quickly be able to see outliers, edge cases, and individual processes that are repeating steps or being bottlenecked at various stages.

Adjusting parameters such as time, cost, resources for any particular step will allow the simulator to report on the predicted impact on the process. This highlights the exact areas needed to provide process improvement.

Continuous Improvement

As you identify process improvements, the simulator will compare the before and after impacts, providing evidence of business benefits. 

This continuous feedback cycle facilitates  continuous improvement and optimization.  Continuous process improvement impacts more than the bottom line, and will result in a happier workforce, improved customer journey, ability to verify compliance process steps, reduce overall processing time and provide greater transparency across the business. 

A New Approach

TEAM IM is at the forefront of a new wave of business process optimization tools that work with almost any software application or can even monitor and model user actions on their workstations.

This allows people with all the business smarts to use tools that don’t require in-depth specialist knowledge. You will be able to analyze workflow performance, event logs, database activity instantly and model data in ways you have probably not been able to do until now.

Process Optimization Benefits

Business Process Optimization usually pays for itself within a few months, creating objective, actionable information that will reveal where your biggest gains can be made. You will receive process intelligence combining deep- deep-rooted analysis and predictive classification and search capabilities with extremely granular monitoring and alerting.

Enjoy the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to catapult your business transformation initiatives.

Whether you need to review and tune current processes, model alternative scenarios, prove your business case, or report back with empirical  benefit realization / return on investment proof, talk to one of our Process Intelligence experts today about achieving your business transformation goals.

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“That was a major turning point, where a (large) client saw the solution and agreed to go first.’ The product pretty much sold itself, which helped immensely.”

Marcus Gibson
Group IMS Manager, Fulton Hogan