DeMaria Case Study

Optimizing efficiency in the construction industry through Digital Signature Integration



  • Unlocked the value of eSignatures, through the supply and deployment of Dropbox Sign for Procore.
  • Standardized processes for send, sign, track and save document directly from Procore.
  • Added the status tracking visualizations to enhancing tracking ability
  • Added reminder and reminder history capability to enhance ability to chase down signatures
  • Enhanced the ability to re-assign/ decline signature requests
  • Trained the DeMaria staff on the new eSignature procedure and served as a resource for further questions and troubleshooting

Client Background

DeMaria is a construction management and general contracting firm that has cultivated an impressive reputation by successfully completing innumerable institutional, commercial, healthcare, and federal government projects throughout the United States

The construction industry requires a great deal of tracking paperwork to confirm everything from changes in building plans, to acceptance, to contracts, to budget adjustments, and compliance in safety and building regulations.

For this reason, an easy-to-use eSignature solution that could reduce the wait times and inefficiencies of paper-and-ink signatures and interface with Procore—an industry leader for construction project management—was essential to DeMaria’s continued growth and success.


Project Highlights

  • Upgraded and migrated M-Files Cloud to M-Files On-Premise
  • Reviewed and updated vault configurations using industry best practices
  • Upgraded and refreshed Development Test Environments
  • Providing ongoing Enhanced Support

Software Involved

  • M-Files Online (Cloud)
  • M-Files On-Premise

Value to the Customer

  • Better management of valuable content and improved collaboration
  • Improved control of the M-Files platform
  • Support service leaves Regency resources to focus on core business

What We Did

After carefully examining DeMaria’s current and projected eSignature requirements, TEAM IM recommended Dropbox Sign for Procore. This decision was made because DeMaria was already making use of Procore’s construction management functionalities and Dropbox Sign offers subscription tiers that can meet and exceed DeMaria’s expectations while providing clear value and savings when compared to other eSignature platforms.

TEAM IM has long been a valuable partner for organizations in the construction industry because we recognize the industry’s unique needs in document and content management and know that a one-size-fits-all approach will not cut it. We brought that point of view to our work with DeMaria.

Dropbox Sign for Procore allows Dropbox Sign to be used as an embedded eSignature capability from within Procore in the newly deployed Side Panel that Procore offers. This means that, wherever a team member generates or sends a document from, they can insert a field of an eSignature without leaving the Procore tool.

The Side Panel allows simple initiation of the signing process as well as notifications when signatures are completed and the sending of reminders. This simple integration allows for a massive increase in team efficiency because important documents can be signed with minimal wait times from anywhere, and automatically saved against the associated record in Procore..

TEAM IM also developed a guideline for training team members on how to use this new eSignature solution—allowing for a very fast transition from the old processes and workflows to the new.


“The implementation process was seamless with excellent support from the TEAM IM team. Since its rollout, our team hasn’t encountered any issues, and the user-friendly interface in Procore has facilitated smooth operations for our administrative and project management staff.”

Aaron Tassell
Vice-President at DeMaria via Inside Construction, April/May 2024

Value and Benefits

  • Enabled ability to create, send and track signatures requests directly from within Procore.
  • Automatically saves executed documents back to Procore.
  • Optimized usage of the Procore Side Panel for eSignature integration by adding new features requested by customer
  • Facilitated a smooth transition to the new eSignature processes

Software and Cloud Services Involved

  • Procore
  • Dropbox Sign
  • Dropbox Sign for Procore (connector)


Talk with the expert

“TEAM IM’s M-Connect enabled us to securely streamline documentation exchange between HHB and its clients,”

Jim Himmelwright,