Million content items





Value To The Customer


  1. Install the latest WebCenter Content platform
  2. Migrate all content from legacy platforms
  3. Verify all content and settings in new environments


  1. Oracle Support remains in effect for all installed platforms
  2. Complete continuity of business without interruption
  3. Continue receiving Oracle's quarterly updates for the latest fixes
  4. Access to the latest features of WebCenter Content 12c

Company Overview

Knoll Inc. was founded in 1938 by Hans Knoll in New York City. Hans created this American design firm that produced office systems including seating, storage, tables, desks, and textiles through the company’s KnollTextiles division. Knoll also produced accessories for the office, home, and even higher education settings. With the company growing rapidly, production facilities were moved to Pennsylvania in 1950. In 1955, Hans Knoll passed away and his wife, Florence Knoll took over his legacy as the head of the company. 

Knoll Inc. is the licensed manufacturer of furniture for the home by many architects and designers. Some of them include Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, David Adjaye, Harry Bertoia, Florence Knoll (Florence Schust), Frank Gehry, Charles Gwathmey, Maya Lin, Lella and Massimo Vignelli, Ini Archibong, and Eero Saarinen under its KnollStudio division. 

In 2011, Knoll received the National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. In 2021, Knoll was acquired by Herman Miller and in the 3rd quarter of 2021.


Project Highlights

  • Upgraded and migrated M-Files Cloud to M-Files On-Premise
  • Reviewed and updated vault configurations using industry best practices
  • Upgraded and refreshed Development Test Environments
  • Providing ongoing Enhanced Support

Software Involved

  • M-Files Online (Cloud)
  • M-Files On-Premise

Value to the Customer

  • Better management of valuable content and improved collaboration
  • Improved control of the M-Files platform
  • Support service leaves Regency resources to focus on core business

The Partnership

TEAM IM and Knoll have an established relationship, and worked on portions of the legacy WebCenter Content (WCC) implementation, including general WCC requirements and the dealer portal integration enhancement.  This allowed TEAM IM to use their previous knowledge of the environment to come up to speed faster on the tasks needed to upgrade to 12c.


Preventing risks by migrating to WebCenter Content


The problem to be solved

  • Upgrading Knoll’s WebCenter Content installation from 11g to 12c. 
  • Migrating all of Knoll’s existing content in WCC 11g to the new 12c platform.
  • Providing assistance while upgrading the integration between WebCenter Content and WebCenter Sites.


Why solving the problem was important

Knoll was nearing the end of the Oracle Support lifecycle for WebCenter Content 11g installations, and in need of an upgrade. Since Oracle Support could not be engaged on 11g issues after Dec 31, 2021, updating to 12c would allow continued support in the future.


The Method

  • TEAM IM installed new instances of WebCenter Content 12c on three tiers: DEV, UAT, and Production.
  • WebCenter Content 12c software was installed in each environment with the latest versions and then all published Oracle patches were detailed and applied. 
  • All configurations from the 11g tiers were migrated to matching 12c installations.
  • One hundred percent of 11g content was migrated to the matching 12c tier.
  • 2.5 million content items, over 550 GB.


Ways TEAM IM stood out

  • Brought together a best-in-class cross functional international team of resources.
  • Leveraged our long-term relationship with Oracle to resolve any installation abnormalities quickly and efficiently.
  • Delivered with speed and accuracy, as well as market-leading value.
This project is a good example of TEAM IM’s cross skill competence, where knowledge in complex system installation, configuration, custom development, and migration all come together to bring the WebCenter Content environment into the latest version with minimal issues.”


Project Highlights

  • The upgrade and migration was completed quickly and accurately.
  • The migration consisted of 14 archives, spanning 2.5 million content items totaling 550 GB.
  • Successfully completed this project with our international team of resources from both TEAM US and TEAM ANZ.
  • Worked with Oracle who we have an outstanding long-term relationship with to complete the project efficiently and effectively.

Software and (Cloud) Services Involved

Main Solution Components

  • WebLogin Server 12c
  • WebCenter Content 12c

Talk with the experts

“TEAM IM was able to deploy a company-branded Portal, providing the required functionality and containing account data for some 7000 accounts, integrated with HelloSign and customer systems within just 6 weeks.”

Volker Schaberg
Chief Operating Officer