Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Building a path to the cloud


Value and Benefits to the Customer

  • Migrated a legacy SharePoint site to SharePoint Online (SPO) on M365, including security and document libraries
  • Migrated a legacy, custom Silverlight form to M365
  • Migrated a legacy, custom Nintex workflow for processing form data to Power Automate
  • Proved efficacy and efficiency of the migration of legacy functionality to M365 (SPO and Power Automate)

Customer Background

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. is an agricultural cooperative with member growers across the United States with additional members in Canada and Chile. According to Ocean Spray, their member growers account for the production of around 65% of all cranberries worldwide each year.

When Ocean Spray reached out to TEAM IM, they were using an outdated and unsupported version of SharePoint. In order to optimize their software and update to a fully supported version of SharePoint and M365, it was decided that Ocean Spray would need to migrate their existing SharePoint sites.

Because of the nature and importance of this migration, TEAM IM’s reputation for trustworthiness and experience with SharePoint/M365 along with strong business knowledge made us the perfect choice to establish a pilot migration program.


Project Highlights

  • Upgraded and migrated M-Files Cloud to M-Files On-Premise
  • Reviewed and updated vault configurations using industry best practices
  • Upgraded and refreshed Development Test Environments
  • Providing ongoing Enhanced Support

Software Involved

  • M-Files Online (Cloud)
  • M-Files On-Premise

Value to the Customer

  • Better management of valuable content and improved collaboration
  • Improved control of the M-Files platform
  • Support service leaves Regency resources to focus on core business

Project Details

TEAM’s pilot program for Ocean Spray required the migration of a single site from their on-premises SharePoint 2010 system to SharePoint Online (SPO).

This migration would include the transition of a dozen lists and libraries. These libraries contained upwards of 22,000 files and folders as well as a custom Silverlight form and custom Nintex Workflow.

The goal of this pilot project was to demonstrate that a migration from the on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online could be done efficiently and effectively. To this end, TEAM connected workshops with business and IT stakeholders to understand the full scope of function being utilized in the current site and custom form.

With the guidance of client stakeholders and using M365 best practices, TEAM created a design for the re-creation of existing SharePoint artifacts in SharePoint Online. After the Silverlight form and Nintex workflow were recreated, the site was tested and validated.

Additionally, an iterative process was initiated to improve the navigability of the new site.

Inbound Marketing

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“TEAM IM is exceptionally proud to have assisted Ocean Spray with the first bricks on their path to the Microsoft Cloud. This project proved that Ocean Spray’s legacy SharePoint sites, data, and customizations can function and evolve just as well - if not better - in M365 and opened the door for all the next efforts to follow. We couldn’t be more excited for what's to come.”

Jon Chartrand
TEAM IM Head of Delivery


  • Created a template to demonstrate feasibility and value of migrating legacy SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online.
  • Included security and document libraries, Silverlight forms, and Nintex workflow in migration plan.
  • Proved that legacy functionality could be migrated to M365 via SharePoint Online and Power Automate.
  • Fully migrated the first Ocean Spray SharePoint site to SharePoint Online.

Software and Cloud Services Involved

  • Microsoft 365
    • SharePoint Online
    • Power Automate
  • SharePoint

Talk with the experts

“TEAM IM was able to deploy a company-branded Portal, providing the required functionality and containing account data for some 7000 accounts, integrated with HelloSign and customer systems within just 6 weeks.”

Volker Schaberg
Chief Operating Officer