City of Seattle: Utility Assistance Program (UAP)


Value to the Customer

We met several goals in the process of completing this project. Some of the top results for the customer are as follows:

  • Improvements in speed and accuracy of processing Assistance Applications
  • Development of new cross-program data sharing and processing capabilities
  • City budget savings through decommissioning two legacy systems/applications
  • Overall better citizen experience, aiming for higher satisfaction and confidence
  • Increase in the volume of Applications handled by the Assistance Programs

Inbound Marketing

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The Beginning of a New Partnership 

Partnering with the City of Seattle, Washington’s Information Technology Department, on behalf of Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, and their Utility Assistance Programs (UAPs), TEAM IM was ready to help improve the assistance application process. The City Government of Seattle employs approximately 10,000 people, and City IT is responsible for over 900 individual applications.

Customer Background

The City of Seattle offers special rates or limited grants to citizens that are struggling to pay their utility bills. These assistance programs are funded by the city and by generous citizens who choose to add additional payments on their own utility bills.


Project Highlights

  • Upgraded and migrated M-Files Cloud to M-Files On-Premise
  • Reviewed and updated vault configurations using industry best practices
  • Upgraded and refreshed Development Test Environments
  • Providing ongoing Enhanced Support

Software Involved

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2019

Value to the Customer

  • Met the tight deadline for the SharePoint migration at scale
  • Provided best practices for migrations between versions
  • Ensured feature compatibility with sites inmigration from 2010 to 2019
  • Handled platform information vital to the business to set up Regency for success

Improving the Application Process

The City of Seattle continues to make serving its citizens efficiently a priority and desired an optimized processes to that end. Guided by this, the City sought to create a single, unified application form that could cover all of its Utility Assistance Programs—thus consolidating administration of multiple programs into a single platform.

Combining the application process for Seattle’s assistance programs benefits the City in several ways.

  • Improves efficiency/volume and reduces overall costs of receiving and processing assistance applications
  • Reduces errors and increases accuracy through unified program processing and data validation
  • Minimizes opportunities for assistance cases to get lost or stuck in the application process
  • Maximizes the ability to allocate and manage work among City resources
  • Enables better reporting and historical vision for process tracking
  • Creates cross-platform efficiencies by integrating several systems such as Customer Care and Billing

When requests for the Utility Assistance Program went out, TEAM IM’s expertise, proposal, and reputation as a registered and trusted provider of technical solutions with the City led to procuring the contract for this endeavor.

Utilizing WebCenter Content and our proprietary Modern UI middleware layer, TEAM developed custom Angular applications for front- and back-end interfaces. The front-end is an accessible, mobile-responsive application portal for submitting new assistance requests and managing existing cases. The back-end Case Management portal supports role-based operations for multiple Assistance Programs. This includes a combined branching workflow, robust case auditing, and detailed report generation.

Early reactions from the City have been very positive. The new platform went live in August of 2022, with deliberations already underway for a follow-up phase to expand on and supplement the platform. Potential additions to the initial rollout include features such as document scanning, sensitive information redaction, enhancements for records management, the addition of further assistance programs, and more. This expansion has a go-live goal of March 2023.

The success of this project and its continuation and expansion can be attributed to TEAM’s relationship with the City of Seattle and the use of our Modern UI IP. This project was completed successfully despite pandemic related delays, changes in leadership, and technical hurdles. Thanks to teamwork between the City and TEAM, no obstacle proved too daunting to overcome. That likely would not have been the case if one of our competitors had won the City’s contract. TEAM’s Modern UI middleware is what makes application stacks like the UAP and the Procurement Portal possible, as no one else can offer this advanced middleware layer.

Inbound Marketing

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“TEAM IM is proud to partner with the City of Seattle to implement technology that provides faster and easier access to financial assistance to the citizen in need while also ensuring the City operates their programs at the highest level of service and most cost-effective manner.”

Jon Chartrand
Head of Delivery

“Combining three legacy systems, rich in functionality, into a single cohesive system was a monumental and successful effort by the entire project team.”

Randy Sussner
Senior Solution Architect

Project Highlights

  • Deployment of a Modern, highly intuitive, accessible, mobile-responsive, public-facing assistance application process for use by all City of Seattle citizens and support workers.
  • Deployment of a unified, multi-program, assistance case management portal.
  • Merging the operational model and public interface for multiple assistance programs into a single processing system.  This system is being considered for other assistance programs like rent and housing.
  • Implementing comprehensive support program to allow customer to continually improve service to the citizen through new programs and easier application processes as well as optimize administrative processes.

Software and Cloud Services Involved

  • Oracle WebCenter Content 12c 
  • TEAM IM Modern UI for WebCenter
  • Modern UI embedded, browser-based document viewer
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • Custom Angular applications for public facing application forms
  • Custom Angular applications for administrative views and functions
  • Custom integrations with City line of business systems.

Talk with the experts

“TEAM IM’s SharePoint knowledge, approach, and best practices worked in concert with Regency resources to ensure a successful migration and user adoption of SharePoint 2019.”

Shani Hall,
Senior Manager
Information Platform Recency Centers