Field Services / Mobile App Field Data Collection

Streamline digital data collection in the field.


Create your own mobile apps and optimize

In construction, utilities, and heavy industry, executing tasks in the field, out of the office is a daily occurrence.  Quality data from the field provides insights on current performance, quality and safety.  Efficient interchange of data within a well design business process between back office and the field will introduce standard processes, reduce errors and rework, allows for process optimization saving costs and facilitating growth and scale.

Why would you settle for a generic Field Services App, which all your competitors have access to, and you have no control over the functionality and no ability to continuously optimize and improve.

With TEAM IM’s field services solutions, you can create custom mobile apps that will standardize and optimize your processes, facilitating growth and scale, reducing errors, save costs and provide business insights.  Automatically securely sync (online or offline) collected data to your in-office team members for further processing or quality or optimization analysis and insights.

On-Device and Cross-Platform

Our field services mobile app development platform is system agnostic. The same app can be accessed via Browser, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. No matter what devices you use in the field, you will be able to collect, process and gain insights from your field data.  Schedule jobs and orders on the office desktop while your field staff receive mobile push notifications of tasks and updates.

Online or Offline

Our field services platform is designed with the realities of field work in mind. There is no guarantee that your field agents will have internet access while completing their tasks and gathering data. Our platform can collect and store large amounts of data when your device is offline, and it will automatically sync all data to the cloud backend when connectivity is restored. In addition, the platform is capable of collecting data from a variety of devices. 

Rapid Development

Our platform is optimized to get a branded, custom app onto your device within weeks, not months.  As opposed to downloading a generic App from an App Store which meets generic requirements and is impossible to change, our platform facilitates the rapid development and deployment of a custom app, meeting your specific requirements, integrating into your line of business systems and providing insights for your business.  

Improve Efficiency

Digitize all actions of your field staff in the field.  Digitizing these actions not only makes your field staff efficient but also allows real-time interaction between back-office processes like job scheduling, equipment ordering, invoicing and client updates.  Digitally transform your previous manual and paper driven process leveraging the power of the mobile device to record photos, sound, location, speed, temperature, integrate with IoT devices, and collect data and signatures in the field.  

Go Hands Free

Execution of certain field tasks like installations, repairs and even inspections require or benefit from the field worker having their hands free to perform the work.  Our Field Services out of the box voice driven APPS leverage the utility of  RealWear (wearable) devices to keep the field worker digitally connected to Apps which provide live video streaming for remote assistance, guided instructions and real-time data capture of the job being executed. Enhance safety, efficiency and data accuracy.   

Gain Insights and Improve

The advantage of eliminating paper forms and paper manuals (such as dockets, bills of lading, delivery notes, receipts, proof of delivery, manuals, work instructions, etc.)  is that that data is now digitally available for analysis. Digital data can be analyzed using a variety of tools providing valuable insights pertaining to both process improvements as well as performance, quality and safety data. The insights to be gained through analysis are bound only by your imagination.


When discussing Android app development, iOS app development, or any cross-platform field service app, the best people to listen to are the ones who have experienced the transformative power of these services.



VDA digitally transform a previously paper based survey processes, unlocking 50-85% time savings per survey and improving the turnaround time from survey to client report by weeks.  VDA is a leading vertical transport consultancy executing tens of thousands of safety, compliance and modernization surveys per year. 

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Fulton Hogan - Transforming Construction Management

Leveraging the expertise of TEAM IM, Fulton Hogan has been able to functionally replace, migrate from and thus successfully decommission a number of systems, realising significant cost savings in the process.

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Create the Right Tool for the Job

Give your team the resources and functionality they need to perform optimally by leveraging the agility and versatility of our field service app development services. Our primary app development product, M-Connect Field Services, allows your team to excel in a variety of use cases.

Asset Optimization

Quick, accurate data collection can show downward trends in asset performance before that asset breaks down—allowing for preemptive maintenance to prevent a catastrophic work stoppage.

Improved Visibility of On-Site Data

With digitized data collection, your organization’s decision makers can get the most accurate picture of how your assets are performing in the field without having to jump from app to app to find important values.

Standardized Inspection Checklists

Ensure your technicians in the field collect every piece of important data by creating a standardized workflow for field inspections. People miss things—your field service management system should offer a safety net to protect against human error.

Reliable Metrics for Business Insights

Using custom app development solutions ensures your field service teams can easily and efficiently gather reliable data that can then be analyzed for insights into asset reliability, upselling opportunities, product development opportunities, and well-informed business decisions.

Quality Assurance

Our online and offline data capture capability lends itself to quality inspections in the field.  Our field service platform facilitates the rapid configuration of hundreds or even thousands of QA checklists, which can be used in the field to perform inspections in the field, taking photos and mobile data as evidence of compliance or otherwise.   

Compliance and Audits

Compliance audits are not office functions.  Field Services allows you to execute audits in the field, onsite, online or offline - even with your hands free.  Compliance checks are critical to ensuring quality, safety, comply with regulations and build a strong history and culture of compliance which is invaluable when it comes to real, external audits and compliance checks.