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To thrive in today’s business environment, you need always-on access to data-driven insights that support effective decision-making and efficient business operations.

With the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform, you can integrate, migrate and transform your data from any platform to make it easier to manage and uncover the insights your business needs. Controlling all this activity manually with emails and document registers is inefficient, error prone, open to data leaks and potential financial liability (execution on the incorrect version of the spec). It inhibits your ability to grow as the process is simply not scalable.

If your data isn’t easy to manage, access, and understand, your business can’t operate to its true potential. The Intercode Platform helps you deliver better data across your organization so you can change how your company makes decisions.


Data Integration

Without integrated and unified data, delivering analytics reports is often cumbersome and time-consuming. Producing a single report can involve logging into multiple systems, accessing siloed datasets, and even copying, reformatting and cleansing data, all before analysis can happen. For most organizations, this takes too long, introduces errors, and means that self-service analytics is impossible.

By delivering a unified view of data from numerous sources, the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform simplifies the processes of analysis. The Intelligent Data Platform uses Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes to take data from source systems and integrate it into a single target dataset, where it can be queried easily and accurately.

The data integration capabilities of the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform can be focused on migrating multiple datasets into a new platform, or migrating and modernizing data and analytics workloads to the public cloud, often involving an architecture that spans across on-premises and one or more cloud ecosystems.

Data Migration Platform

In today's ever-changing business and technology landscapes, organizations need effective ways to move data between systems and platforms. Whether you are replacing a legacy system or moving an application to the public cloud, the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform gives you the tools you need to ensure your data is migrated into your new system cleanly and with minimal disruption to your business.

Leveraging the platform's core capabilities, data migrations are handled in a series of best-practice steps:

  • Extract — remove the data from the current system
  • Transform — match the data to the structure or schema in the target system
  • Cleanse — de-duplicate, match, and resolve data quality issues
  • Validate — test and re-test the data to ensure it can be loaded into the new system
  • Load — transfer the transformed, cleansed and validated data into the new system
Whether you're moving your storage, your database or your entire application, the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform can automate manual tasks to save you time and ensure accuracy and performance of your new environment and your cloud data integration.

Smarter Rules

Smarter Rules is re-imagining the way we develop, distribute and manage the rules in regulatory systems in sectors such as Financial Services and General Government. Delivering rules (or law) as code provides a firm foundation for digital service delivery, with systems able to easily understand rules presented in a machine-readable form.

With the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform, you can digitize existing legislation or develop new rules with purpose-built languages such as yscript. The Intercode platform gives you tools to enable you to see the pathways within the legislation through real-time visualization.

When new rulesets have been developed, the Intercode platform delivers 'developed as digital' rules as code in the form of database/applications to integrate into or develop new compliance systems that offer end to end assurance with the underlying law.

Analytics Accelerator

Use the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform to accelerate the development of enterprise-ready analytic solutions and deliver meaningful insights using familiar data visualization tools, such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, and Excel.
Create a single version of the truth across different data sources with multidimensional data modeling or tabular models. Choose your deployment method with Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services.
Leveraging core Extract, Transform and Load capabilities, the Intercode Intelligent Data Platform gives you the tools you need to support a wide range of analytics-based use cases. Derive insights for your business users, or use powerful reporting to ensure that your data complies with enterprise data architecture or regulatory standards.
Rapidly develop new data structures or SQL databases to reduce your time to value and meet business requests faster than traditional SQL or data warehouse approaches. Being in control of the process and having the data at your fingers tips helps automated customer feedback cycles.

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