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Online and offline field data collection

Transform your  Field Data Collection Practices

M-Connect Field Services provides a cloud native platform to digitize field data collection services, to make them faster, more efficient and complete.

Synching and Sharing Data

Whether data is gathered online or offline, custom mobile app development allows that data to be shared peer-to-peer or synched on the back end for immediate analysis. This allows team members in the field to share data—even when offline—and sync relevant data to the home office as soon as a connection is established.

A Paperless Process

Surveys and data collection conducted with pen and paper are slow and risky. If your field agent crosses out an incorrect value, spills coffee on the paper, or just loses their clipboard, you have nothing to work with. A custom app can automatically populate context data, run checks for errors, and securely store data in the cloud in case your device gets damaged. Automated context data population.

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A leader in app development, the JourneyApp platform combines the strengths of no-code/low-code with the benefits of “pro-code” development—you’ll get code-centric development with ultra-high productivity.

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Use Cases

Using M-Connect Field Services, you can develop and host an app to accommodate any required excursion into the field to gather data.

Field and Office Inspections

Ensure thorough completion of health and safety inspections, compliance audits, quality inspections, and more with no data loss.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Whether you deploy them from the office or another location, give your field agents the ability to pull up and update detailed histories and maintenance reports on any asset you have in the field.

Data Collection for Modernization

As technology improves, equipment becomes obsolete. Set notifications to regularly send inspectors into the field to prioritize assets for upgrading and/or modernization.

Incident Investigation and Evidence Capture

When something goes wrong, it is important to have as much information as possible as quickly as possible. Having a platform with reporting functionality that includes photo capture and uploading capability makes that simple.

M-Connect Field Services

M-Connect Field Services provides a cloud-native platform to digitize field data collection services, to make them faster, more efficient and complete.


With the ability to quickly develop and deploy apps across multiple operating systems, M-Connect Field Services offers top-of-the-line industrial app development capabilities.


Data Synchronization

Whether from device to device, hardware-to-app, or through backend synch, M-Connect Field Services leverages industry-leading capabilities in data synchronization to ensure that your data gets where it needs to be with zero data loss.

Offline Data Collection

Offline Data Collection

There is no guarantee that your field team will be sent to a location with a good mobile signal. Ensure your team does not have to be online in order to gather the data necessary to complete their task.

Automated Report-survey Generation

Automated Report/Survey Generation

Save commonly used report and survey templates, select required data fields to include in updated reports, and automatically fill contextual data fields.


Rapid App Development

Go from identifying a need for app functionality to design to deployment in a matter of weeks without sacrificing the flexibility and power that comes with professional coding.

Focus on Industrial Functionality

Focus on Industrial Functionality

The tools and platforms of M-Connect Field Services have been optimized to serve businesses in the industrial sector, whether those companies are in the Fortune 500 or have Fortune 500 aspirations.

Simultaneous Deployment

Simultaneous Deployment

Ensure your entire team is constantly working with complementary tools. Deploy your custom app on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and in-browser all at once.

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M-Connect Field Services transforms and digitizes your field data collection processes.  Having your complete and valid data available to your backend systems provides further process optimization and data analysis opportunities leading to efficiency and cost savings.