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Syl Enterprise Search

In the complex world of enterprise content, Syl Search makes it easier for your people to find meaningful information assets (files, emails, web pages and data records) to make better decisions, faster. No matter the asset types, the location, the content system, Syl makes findability simple.

Syl Search is a powerful enterprise search engine with a responsive web user interface and unique semantic search features. Syl Search can recognise the meaning of your search terms, and search results can include related concepts and contexts that are more relevant to an organisation. Syl Search makes it easier to find vital information quickly. For more information visit our dedicated Syl Search product site.

Syl Inventory

Syl Inventory is a powerful tool that creates an audit and highlights trends in your enterprise content (files, emails, web pages and data records). With Syl Inventory, you can view your content through any lens, whether you're concerned with storage growth, security risks or simply looking to better-understand how to manage your content.


Reduce and Control Costs

Syl allows you to define what information is high-value and what can be archived or disposed of, using reports on age, usage, content and duplication. Optimize project costs, improve efficiency control ongoing ICT expenditure by reducing the volume of data and focusing on the information that is relevant, current and valuable.

improve compliance

Improve compliance 

Syl auditing tools show you what level of compliance your data has against your information management, lifecycles and security policies. You gain a proactive approach to reducing risk of data loss and unauthorised access by ensuring permissions, archival and security policies are correctly applied.


Optimize performance

Extract and analyze content, find meaning and relationships in your information to gain insight into your business, your sector and your customers. Syl Inventory shows you the trends and patterns that exist in your information, allowing you to make information-led decisions to improve the performance of your business.

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Our clients seeing success with Syl

Syl Search Case Study - NZTA

The NZ Transport Agency creates transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand. To provide great services to partners and the general public, they need timely and effective access to a wide range of information. Download the case study to see how the NZTA solved their search problem with Syl Search.



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