At TEAM IM, we have a crew of experts with decades of experience in the content management and app development world. We work to ensure that you are able to leverage the ingenuity and functionality of our products to the highest possible degree.

Content Platforms

These are the central components of our services. We have strategized and developed around these platforms to optimize your organization’s use of the data you gather on a daily basis.




M-Files is a metadata-driven platform that all but eliminates data silos by placing a higher priority on the content of your data than on where the files are stored. M-Files facilitates cross-company collaboration without sacrificing security or efficiency.

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Oracle WebCenter Logo

Oracle WebCenter

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we at TEAM have the expertise to optimize your WebCenter usage. We provide enhancements and consulting that will improve the strength of your content management while mitigating any weaknesses.

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Microsoft SharePoint

One of the great strengths of SharePoint is its built-in compatibility with Microsoft’s Office365 suite of applications. TEAM IM takes that strength and enhances it by integrating features such as improved search functionality and intelligent information management tools.

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Dropbox Business

Dropbox’s core functions encourage creativity and ingenuity while preserving the security of your organization’s online presence. TEAM then integrates tools to help you take your platform in a direction that is geared toward getting optimal usage, no matter your industry.

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Content Services

Depending on your content management needs, TEAM IM identifies and integrates the services that will best serve you.


Get Started With Cards

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frevvo eForms & Workflow

Designed to allow team members of every experience level to create the forms and workflows they need to do the work they were hired for to the best of their ability.

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Smartlogic Semaphore

This Semantic AI uses contextual data to drive value in a variety of use cases—from improving customer experience to facilitating stronger analytics.

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ABBYY FlexiCapture

An enterprise-level document processing platform, ABBYY FlexiCapture leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and more to facilitate multiple business functions and operations.

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ABBYY Timeline - Process Intelligence

TEAM is proud to partner with ABBYY on this product. With an agreement on objectives and parameters for success, we can offer your organization a 30-day proof-of-value trial of ABBYY Timeline.

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Ease the burden on your records management team by automating your most time consuming and error-prone manual processes.

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Redaction Service and AutoRedaction

Automatically protect the personal information your customers have entrusted you with and maintain confidentiality and security on nearly any content source.

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Migration Accelerator

TEAM IM simplifies the migration process to ensure that your switch away from your legacy content management system is swift and successful.

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Syl Search

From improving search functions to identifying your data usage trends, Syl makes your data work harder for you.

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Scale up your searches. Whether searching through your own stored data or bringing search functionality to your apps and websites, Elastisearch has the tools to empower your search capabilities.

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Get the signatures you need quickly, simply, and securely without the need for hard copies of documents—a perfect product for the modern work landscape.

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HelloSign for Procore Connector

HelloSign provides and intuitive way for the modern Constructor to send and request electronic signatures from your clients, sub-contractors and suppliers. TEAM IM’s HelloSign for Procore integration allows an authorized Procore user to select any document within Procore, populate the relevant properties and submit.

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M-Connect Construction Management

With a hefty list of communication among many parties and an extensive amount of data, you can now execute a construction project faster and more accurately. Digitally transform and streamline your construction operations today.

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M-Connect Digital Workspace

Create a mobile responsive, digital workplace to meet your internal and client-facing needs. From field services to accounting services, M-Connect is a versatile development platform that brings value to every phase of your enterprise.

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M-Connect Field Services-image

M-Connect Field Services

Gathering data in the field presents unique challenges. Take paper out of the equation and make your field operations work more smoothly and safely—whether your field agents have WiFi or not.

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Modern UI for WebCenter-image

Modern UI

Create an ideal UI without sacrificing the power and capabilities of Oracle WebCenter. From desktops to tablets, make your user experience as intuitive and simple as possible.

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