From Accounts Payable to Field Services, from the Public Sector to Private, getting the most out of your technology takes strategic thinking from an experienced team. We offer solutions to problems faced across departments that increase productivity, optimize your data storage, and open the door for automation— and that’s just the beginning. 


Accounts Payable Automation

Automation in AP departments reduces errors, bolsters compliance, and improves cost-effectiveness. TEAM IM has the solutions for your turnkey invoice processing needs.

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Business Process Automation 

Workflows and processes often stay in place long after they are no longer optimal. Use automation to ensure your business processes are as effective as possible.

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Business Process Optimization

Want to know how to blend your existing technology with new programs and applications to transform your business? TEAM IM has the tools to provide you with deep process analysis, models and simulations, and more so that your internal operations are constantly improving.

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Cloud Migration

Bringing your data into the cloud quickly and securely is no small feat. Our expertise with content management systems provides a level of insight into migration strategy that many companies simply cannot match.

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Content Advisory

Clients from around the world have come to us for answers to their questions about content management. Our team has decades of experience. We have solutions for the problems faced by organizations across the public and private sectors.

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Content Migration 

From data inventories to assessments of how and where you store your data, we can make sure your migration initiatives are thorough, successful, and secure.

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With a focus on collaboration, contextual metadata, and search functions designed to eliminate problems presented by data silos and antiquated content storage practices, ContentWorX offers solutions to a variety of problems faced by Enterprise Information Management teams—all under one umbrella.

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Field Services/Mobile App 

Ensure your agents in the field have the information, schematics, and communication they need, no matter where they are. App development for mobile and hands free devices helps improve your team’s efficacy in the field.

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file analytics

File Analytics/Inventory

You may not realize how much of your data storage is taken up by duplicate files or obsolete information. A robust data inventory helps identify suboptimal data usage and sets your organization up for successful content management initiatives.

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Implementation Services

You need your enterprise information management strategy to work properly on day one. Our experts leverage their knowledge of tech, data strategies, and industry best practices to give you effective solutions that last from the short term to the long term.

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Public Sector

Government agencies have unique requirements that many organizations in the private sector don’t have to accommodate. TEAM IM offers cost-effective and regulation-compliant solutions for public sector entities in countries all around the world.

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Support and Managed Services

TEAM IM’s support services are personal and tailored to your needs by offering a single point of contact to address cross-organization issues or logjams surrounding the interactions of multiple apps and programs.

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Security Solutions

There are a lot of myths about how security works for an infrastructure that takes full advantage of the cloud. At TEAM IM, we put those myths to bed and provide a range of proven security services to protect your information at every stage of its life cycle.

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M-Connect Accounting Services

Whether your firm specializes in one sector of the accounting services field or covers the entire CAS spectrum, having a dedicated digital hub to streamline your workflows and processes strengthens your ability to serve your clients. See how TEAM IM can integrate your preferred apps and tools.

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