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All data is not equal. Performing a data inventory can help you identify and categorize your data, and turn it into information. An inventory of your data will allow you to make informed decisions on what information can be left, migrated, archived or destroyed. 

The findings from an inventory exercise will help provide a deeper level of understanding on the nature and complexity of your current content. This includes aspects like duplicate files (which can be up to 30% of your content), spreadsheets with links, password-encrypted files and scanned documents that are not text searchable. 

A TEAM IM Inventory report will support your business case, migration project, e-Discovery planning, privacy compliance and assessment processes, records management, storage consolidation and data protection initiatives and much more.

We can help you to save money, harness your information and remove risks associated with gaps in content management security and privacy controls. Remove the ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial content) and taking this simple first step will make the journey so much easier.

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An inventory assessment is the first step to managing your data, and it is remarkably easy! Once complete, you will have clarity on your options and best approach for whatever you need to do next - from a business case, to a privacy audit or a migration, or just making it easy for your users to find stuff.

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Inventory Assessment

Find out about our Inventory Assessment Package to profile your unstructured content in file systems, email systems and content management systems.

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SharePoint Inventory

A SharePoint Inventory Assessment is designed around a review of your SharePoint On-Premises system with a view to migration to the SharePoint Online or another system.


Inventory and Search

This package includes an enterprise grade search tool to help manage and re-use this information over time without needing to migrate content. We can also remediate problematic content found during the inventory.

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