Himmelwright, Huguley & Boles, LLC



Value to the Customer

  • Streamlined client interaction and service with easy and simple communication.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and trust with newly secure established technology services.
  • Better transparency of operations and faster exchange of information between the accounting firm and the customer.
  • Improved record-keeping for employees by utilizing timely, automated notifications
  • Highest level of service eliminating manual errors with improvement of data transfer from external systems.
  • Securely stored information for audit purposes to benefit core business solutions.

Himmelwright, Huguley & Boles, LLC

Himmelwright, Huguley & Boles, LLC (HHB) is an accounting firm that serves clients nationally, providing accounting services for a variety of businesses. Some of the areas include Government/Municipalities, Non-for-Profits, Construction, Real Estate Development, and more. They have two office locations, both located in Alabama.

Customer Background

Every year, HHB requests pertinent financial information and documentation from their clients to provide them with accounting services. Clients are currently required to email or otherwise transmit electronic documents to their representative at HHB. To streamline this process while including overall organization of financial document input, HHB required a secure online space for clients to upload materials integrated with their existing Content Management System, M-Files. HHB also required a system that would route those documents to the proper accounting project, notify the employee responsible for processing those specific assets and store the information for audit purposes.

HHB also uses a tool called the Commerce Clearing House (CCH) Axcess, a software used by tax preparers to process tax returns for their clients. The status of client tax returns in CCH Axcess is not shared with any other platform and isn’t easily tracked in the content management system. This caused a lot of wasted time trying to track it down.


TEAM IM is a global enterprise solutions and technology company. Utilizing best-in-class technologies to put unstructured data to work, TEAM IM has successfully implemented thousands of business solutions across a diverse spectrum of organizations of varying size and industry focus. TEAM IM’s offerings include expert professional services, managed services, custom development, and solutions in many areas, including Content Management, Records Management, Automation, Analytics, and Collaboration.

Project Highlights

  • Upgraded and migrated M-Files Cloud to M-Files On-Premise
  • Reviewed and updated vault configurations using industry best practices
  • Upgraded and refreshed Development Test Environments
  • Providing ongoing Enhanced Support

Software Involved

  • M-Files Online (Cloud)
  • M-Files On-Premise

Value to the Customer

  • Better management of valuable content and improved collaboration
  • Improved control of the M-Files platform
  • Support service leaves Regency resources to focus on core business

TEAM IM Brought Best-in-class Tech

HHB was looking for a M-Files partner that could service their broader vision of implementing an end-to-end accounting services platform that included M-Files, a client portal, and back-end tax/accounting services processing. HHB required an M-Files-centric customer/client portal to assist with client communication and document transmission throughout the year, especially during tax season. The business requirement was for a HHB branded client portal that provides clients easy access to their tax documents, enabling them to accomplish tasks relating to the accounting services and view the status of their returns. HHB also requested an integration between CCH Axcess and M-Files to track updates on client returns easily. Providing these capabilities Improves workflow efficiency within the organization, streamline the accounting services process, and provide an easier communication platform for tax information exchange between HHB and its clients.

TEAM IM’s M-Connect solution was the perfect fit to stand up a secure HHB customer portal seamlessly integrated with M-Files. M-Connect provides a customizable interface to create and manage the client experience. Each page is fully customizable in layout and content through a series of widgets.

M-Files extensible nature allowed for a custom integration between the platform and CCH Axcess to be created, enabling scheduled calls for status updates back to M-Files.

HHB uses TEAM IM Enhanced Support for providing ongoing support and minor configuration enhancements/changes for M-Connect and M-Files. 

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Project Highlights

  • A vault application integration was designed and engineered to securely extract live client data from CCH Axcess directly into M-Files, keeping accounting data accurate and up to date.
  • CCH Axcess integration delivers client documentation to HHB and streamlines the process.
  • Integration delivers client information as well as the electronic status of the client’s return.
  • TEAM IM’s M-Connect was configured to point at the client vault and configured to provide document security unique to the client (i.e., Clients can only access their own documents if those documents are shared).
  • TEAM IM’s M-Connect provides a secure location for clients to upload their tax documents.
  • TEAM IM’s M-Connect provides a branded portal through which clients may view their tax returns.
  • A successful, repeatable end-to-end process for Accounting Services.

Software and (Cloud) Services Involved

  • M-Files
    • Used to store all data and documents outside of CCH Axcess and facilitate complex accounting workflows and act as the backend of M-Connect, the client portal.
  • M-Connect:
    • Used to facilitate a secure client portal unique to each user, empowering them to upload tax and accounting content directly to M-Files and initiate processes/workflows.
    • Allows clients to have access to historical tax information by just accessing their private portal workspace.
    • Sharing documents with clients is as simple as checking a box, making copies are not necessary, and the client always has the most up to date copy.
“The partnership we have built with HHB to enable an end-to-end Accounting Services
solution has been invaluable for both TEAM IM and HHB.”

Doug Thompson, CEO

“TEAM IM’s M-Connect enabled us to securely streamline documentation exchange between HHB and its clients,”

Jim Himmelwright,