Navigating WebCenter: Getting Started with Sites

Sep 25, 2012 4:19:41 PM

By: Wayne Boerger - Product Manager

Oracle customers, particularly those with Middleware and WebCenter deployments, have lately been hearing a lot about WebCenter Sites, formerly Fatwire. As with many innovative technology products, it’s not always clear where to start, especially when that technology has been acquired.

One of the important considerations with new technology is to recognize that it is often replacing or superseding existing technology. In the case of Sites, many customers will find it necessary to move from Site Studio to gain the enhanced web experience tools. But how do you do this? Sites and Content/Site Studio have very different repositories (Content having a much stronger focus on the enterprise than Sites/Fatwire, which was exclusively web-focused), different security models, different object models, etc. Thankfully, TEAM has the solution.

The TEAM Sites Connector allows you to continue to leverage all of the enterprise capabilities of Content while making select items available for use within Sites. You can decide which items to sync, when to do it, where to make it visible, and essentially retain the “single repository” principle that is inherent in the WebCenter story. This connector provides the path for customers to follow so they can get started with their strategic updates to their web presence using Sites. Furthermore, it enables customers to rationalize and consolidate more of their web property into a single strategic solution.

Let us show you how the TEAM Sites Connector can speed your adoption of the latest WebCenter technologies and increase your success on the web! Contact us today! And you can request a meeting with TEAM management at Oracle OpenWorld!

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