GSA Connector 3.0 is Released!

Feb 26, 2013 2:53:15 PM

Through 2012 and the first month of 2013 our R&D team has been working continuously on the Google Search Appliance to WebCenter Content Connector version 3.0, and now it’s out! We announced the release at the Google Global Partner Summit 2013. googlepartersummit

The Google Search Appliance is a powerful search tool that has been evolving since its inception 10 years ago, and TEAM has been evolving its connector with each release to provide the best tool to connect WebCenter Content to the appliance.

The newest features included in 3.0 focus on early binding for security authorization.  With early binding, authorization to secure content is fully managed by the search appliance so it does not need to validate a user’s access rights with WebCenter Content at serve time.  This means that GSA customers can use the full breadth of their appliances’ functionality, including dynamic navigation, when searching secure content without impacting performance.

Benefits of WebCenter Content, Google Search Appliance, and TEAM’s Connector:

  • Scalable and Redundant - Supports enterprise deployments that include clustered environments with multiple GSA Connectors, Google Search Appliances, and WebCenter Content instances.
  • Simple and Productive – Key GSA features such as: dynamic navigation, document preview, key match, query suggestions, and automatic spell-check make searching fast and intuitive.
  • Flexible Execution – Expose the GSA search in WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal, and other applications using the included APIs.
  • Federated Search - The GSA provides federated search results for all your enterprise content sources including WebCenter Content, Sites Studio websites, SharePoint, file systems, and many others.

See the Product Specification Sheet.

Read the Press Release!

TEAM already has 2 customers upgraded and providing early feedback on the GSA connector 3.0 and we are expecting many more customers to follow. If you would like to have the power of the Google Search Appliance and TEAM’s GSA connector in your enterprise contact us today!

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