Getting the Most Value Out of Cloud Migration

Jan 31, 2023 8:36:00 AM

The adoption of cloud computing is becoming more and more pervasive. Organizations ranging from small and medium businesses to fortune 500 and highly secure Government Agencies are running business critical workloads on the cloud.  This level of adoption is driven by the major cloud platforms maturing and providing a plethora of hosting options, providing cost, scale, and operational benefits.  In addition, all the major cloud platforms now have the ability to accommodate highly secure workloads.  This article looks at the advantages of migrating your business to the Oracle Cloud.

Cloud migration is a journey that has challenges that must be managed in order to optimize the benefits of the cloud. But let’s say you’ve made the decision to embrace the cloud— how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of it?

The simplest answer is that you worked with TEAM IM to create a personalized cloud hosting architecture and cloud adoption strategy. By working with experienced Oracle professionals who have a gold level partnership with Oracle, you ensure that your specific goals will be achieved, and you can take the use of your technology stack to the next level.

But to explain why that answer is so simple, we need to go through the benefits and economics of cloud migration. 

Benefits of Cloud Migration

How does migration to the cloud benefit you? Why has it become core to successful business strategies for organizations around the world? There is more than one answer.

First of all, migrating to the cloud allows your team to be agile and access technology from anywhere in the world. If you need to pivot to a remote workforce, you won’t need to worry. Your team will have the access they need whether working from the office or remotely.

You will see higher availability and performance at a lower cost from your cloud computing platform. Oracle cloud infrastructure, for example, has minimal to no downtime as their services are distributed between multiple cloud facilities around the globe.  In addition, the scale of infrastructure resources the platform providers have available has reduced the unit cost of storage, compute and networking facilitating redundant hosting and also horizontal and vertical auto scaling options.

As you add software and business applications to improve your business process and automation, you’ll find that deployment is more efficient on the cloud as you can leverage auto deployment and auto-scale technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. 

And you get faster business insights, less downtime, reduction in staffing costs and shortages and cloud computing is working towards being greener than the alternative. These are only some of the benefits you gain from migrating your organization to the cloud. But what about the economics of migration?

Economics of Cloud Migration

Though the benefits of a successfully deployed cloud migration strategy are concrete, they can feel a bit theoretical. How are these outcomes actually realized?

Your cloud migration strategy will tackle a variety of your operating needs and strive to provide ROI in multiple areas. With the choice of the right cloud migration service provider and a strong plan of action, you could see the value of cloud adoption manifest faster than you may expect.

Oracle has eleven key principles along which value can be realized by migrating to the cloud. They cover the gamut of technology, operational, commercial, and value management principles. Oracle’s eleven principles are as follows:

  • Right-size on modern technology stack
  • Optimize usage continuously
  • Avoid bolting on availability, regulatory, and security measures
  • Minimize frictions to ensure migration velocity
  • Exploit infrastructure evolution as a catalyst for innovation
  • Select machine-power over manpower for service assurance
  • Delink data and network linear usage from cost
  • Avoid service deployment lock-in
  • Repurpose on-premises spending to acquire future cloud capabilities
  • Create real time transparency on usage costs and allocations
  • Collaborate cross-functionality to drive decisions by business value

Through these principles, your cloud migration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will drives technology, operational, commercial, and value management. 

But how can you ensure that you see through and adopt these principles? By working with TEAM IM.

cloud migration part 2

Cloud Migration Experts

Cloud migration provides such an obvious benefit to businesses that it is easy to forget how many risks may come with the process. That’s why bringing in a team with experience and expertise in cloud migration is the smartest play you can make.

TEAM IM continues to manage and assist organizations in both the public and private sectors to secure cloud-based operations and has the know-how and expertise to collaborate with you to create a plan to successfully and swiftly migrate your technology.

That’s what it takes to realize value along those eleven principles laid out by Oracle— a unique-to-you, data-driven, cloud migration strategy. And without experts on hand like those at TEAM IM, your strategy could very well neglect important tasks, details and considerations.

TEAM IM has extensive experience with cloud migration projects, including with the Oracle Cloud, we know the pitfalls and traps that can derail an organization’s cloud migration.

We can even help your organization by creating a maturity matrix that gives you agreed milestones to measure your progress in your cloud migration and your adoption of your technology. Maturity matrix measures and tasks can include everything from security to process governance and anything in between.

The key is creating a strategy for your specific needs. Many organizations use Oracle, but everyone uses it a little differently. TEAM IM can help you optimize your usage while bringing your technology operations into the cloud.

Additional Benefits to Migration

Working with TEAM IM can net you some additional benefits. Our approach to your migration may help identify trouble spots in your processes that can be simplified or even automated. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Moving to the cloud opens up your ability to collaborate externally subject to technology availability. By creating portals for clients, customers, and partners, you can communicate faster and serve your client base better than ever before because they can reach out to you, and you can respond no matter where you are.

All of a sudden, the possibilities for your organization are endless. The cloud makes you more agile, less tied to a physical location, and more efficient. TEAM IM can even help strengthen your security to make your data safer than it has ever been.

Make Your Plan

The cloud is the present and future of business operations and data management. If you haven’t begun planning for migration or you had a poor initial migration strategy, now is the time to reach out to TEAM IM.

Our expertise can make your unique cloud migration strategy and plan work. Our relationship with Oracle makes us the perfect collaborators as you adopt the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and our experience with migration can give you easy-to-follow milestones and guidelines toward optimization through a unique-to-you maturity matrix.

Don’t get left behind. The cloud is here to stay, and the benefits and value it offers are ready for you to take them. Reach out to TEAM IM and see how high your Cloud operations can soar.

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