WCC in OCI: Driving Efficiency and Reducing Your TCO

May 9, 2024 11:14:42 AM
WCC in OCI: Driving Efficiency and Reducing Your TCO

Managing an on-premises or hosted WebCenter Content (WCC) installation involves a complex web of costs that can stretch far beyond the initial software purchase. Have you truly accounted for the hardware needed to run it smoothly, the maintenance to keep it secure, and the IT hours poured into its upkeep? These factors all play into the real price tag of your WCC environment – its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Considering a move to cloud-based WCC powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) could be an exceptionally smart financial decision. But first, let's dive into the true impact of on-premises WCC on your bottom line.

Understanding the True Cost of WCC

When evaluating the financial impact of your on-premises WebCenter Content deployment, it's crucial to look beyond the obvious line items. Here's a deeper breakdown of factors contributing to your WebCenter TCO:

  • Hardware
    • Initial Outlays: Purchasing powerful servers, storage arrays, and robust networking equipment for WCC necessitates large upfront investments.
    • Ongoing Costs: Rack space, power consumption, cooling, and replacing aging hardware components add to recurring costs.
    • Overprovisioning: To avoid performance bottlenecks during peak usage periods, you might end up overprovisioning hardware, meaning you pay for resources you don't always use.
  • Software Licensing
    • WebCenter Licenses: This includes the cost of acquiring and maintaining WCC licenses for the desired number of users or processors.
    • Database Licenses: If not utilizing a bundled database option, separate Oracle Database (or other supported database) licenses will be required.
    • Upgrades: New WCC versions, database upgrades, or feature expansions might incur additional licensing fees.
  • IT Personnel
    • Installation & Configuration: Setting up WCC in-house demands significant time and expertise from your IT team.
    • Maintenance: Patching, security updates, backups, and troubleshooting divert IT resources from innovation-focused projects.
    • Expertise: Specialized WCC knowledge might require additional training or hiring dedicated personnel, increasing staffing costs.
  • Downtime & Inefficiency
    • Lost Revenue: Outages or performance issues directly impact productivity, potentially leading to missed deadlines or customer dissatisfaction.
    • Opportunity Costs: The time your IT spends firefighting WCC issues translates to lost opportunities to work on initiatives that drive revenue or improve business processes.

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OCI to the Rescue: Slashing Your WCC TCO

Migrating your WCC environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure unlocks a powerful means of reducing your overall TCO and streamlining operations. Here's how OCI delivers impactful cost savings:

Goodbye Capital Expenditures: Ditch those hefty upfront hardware investments that tie up your budget. With OCI's pay-as-you-go model, you eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive servers and storage. Instead, you pay only for the compute and storage resources your WCC installation actually consumes.

Scalability on Demand: OCI grants you unmatched flexibility. Seamlessly scale your resources up or down to align precisely with your content demands. This eliminates wasteful overprovisioning and ensures your WCC consistently delivers peak performance, even during usage spikes.

Reduced IT Burden: OCI's managed services take infrastructure management, routine updates, and complex patching off your IT team's plate. This frees up valuable time and resources, allowing your experts to focus on strategic initiatives and innovations that drive your business forward.

Minimized Downtime: OCI's high-availability architecture and built-in redundancy safeguards your WCC installation. This translates to significantly reduced downtime, minimizing productivity losses and ensuring your content is accessible when your users need it most.

Subscription-Based Model: OCI's predictable pricing structure simplifies budgeting and streamlines your financial planning. Say goodbye to surprise costs associated with on-premises upgrades or new feature licensing.

Beyond these direct cost advantages, OCI also drives operational efficiencies that indirectly contribute to TCO reduction. In the next section, we'll explore how OCI helps you streamline your processes and make the most out of your IT resources.

Beyond Cost Savings: Operational Efficiency with OCI

The benefits of WCC in OCI extend far beyond direct TCO reduction. Migrating your content management operations to the cloud results in significant gains in efficiency, agility, and the ability to maximize the value of your IT resources. OCI streamlines operational processes by offering a fully managed infrastructure, eliminating the need for your team to worry about hardware maintenance, software patches, or complex configurations. This translates into time-to-deployment savings and increased stability of those deployments, accelerating time-to-value and keeping your content management tools aligned with evolving business needs.

Most importantly, OCI empowers your IT team to break free from the reactive cycle of on-premises troubleshooting and dedicate their talent to initiatives that drive innovation. With cloud-based WCC, they can explore new solutions, automate workflows, and leverage the power of data analytics to extract deeper insights from your content assets.

The Proof is in the Migration

The potential benefits of migrating WCC to OCI become tangible when we look at real-world results. TEAM IM recently partnered with a large state government organization to streamline their content management operations. This customer, who had been a part of our Enhanced Support offering for several years, faced escalating storage and infrastructure costs and difficulties scaling their hosted WCC environments to meet peak demands.

Our team seamlessly migrated two WebCenter Content instances, spanning over 80TB of secure content, to Oracle Cloud. This effort included upgrading WCC from a previous version to the latest v12.2.1.4. We also installed and configured two instances of WebCenter Enterprise Capture (WEC) and Oracle Elasticsearch to enable a fast, secure search experience within their massive content repository.

The results are compelling: the customer has seen reduced storage costs, enjoys on-demand scalability for peak demand periods, and their users now benefit from an improved WCC experience. Importantly, their budget has been freed from the escalating costs of maintaining complex infrastructure, allowing time and dollars to focus on value-adding projects.

Reaping the Rewards of WCC on OCI

Migrating your WCC installation to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has the power to transform your content management operations. From substantial cost savings to increased efficiency and seamless scalability, OCI positions you with a future-proof content platform. The case study highlights just one example of how organizations benefit from this strategic move.

Let's Unlock Your WCC Potential

Ready to explore the possibilities for your organization? Our experts are here to help. Contact TEAM IM for a personalized assessment of your WCC environment. We'll create a tailored migration plan and outline the cost-saving benefits OCI can bring to your business.

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