What is Content Advisory?

Raoul Miller
Jul 21, 2020 5:42:28 AM

What does TEAM IM’s Content Advisory Practice actually do? We get this question a lot and the answer is, we solve expensive problems for you.

Don’t think content problems are expensive? Consider this:

These are just a few situations our content experts can help you avoid with advice on the proper content strategy for your organization.

But it’s not just avoiding problems and compliance issues – there are many positives to improving your content management and the processes that surround it. With over twenty years of experience, we analyze and document your existing records, files, data, and the processes around them. We interview your staff to find concerns, challenges, needs and suggestions for improvement. We use automated tools like ABBYY’s Timeline process intelligence, Proventeq’s Content Analyser, and TEAM’s own file crawler to investigate and document how you handle data, where you store it, and how it is tagged and organized.

Then we develop a strategy tailored for you to improve those processes, optimize file organization and labelling, streamline retention, speed up search and retrieval, automate tagging and indexing – all while staying true to your budgets, your team’s technical abilities and preferences, and realistic timelines. We present actionable, practical plans and help to build business cases and tactical roadmaps for them.

Information is increasingly recognized as a key organizational asset, and the best ways to manage, store, share, and preserve it have evolved over the years. Most people will procure and deploy one or two information management systems through their career, and that makes hiring the right partner vital. At TEAM we deploy dozens of systems every year and have done so for over twenty years. We’ve seen (and sometimes made) the mistakes that sink other efforts and we have documented and learned from them. We are the information professionals (and we have the certifications to prove that - https://www.aiim.org/certification).

We treat your data like the valuable, core asset it is, and we believe that you should get expert advice on how to manage and get best value from it. We will help you get the best value from your existing data and content, reduce your risk, storage costs, and inefficiencies, and work together with you and your staff to identify key areas to focus on. Everything we do is based on maximizing business value, improving efficiency, and improving governance. Let us help you avoid those expensive mistakes and omissions, rationalize your spending, and optimize your processes and get substantial ROI.

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