Collaboration Portal Launch!

Scott Olesen
Sep 25, 2021 9:44:30 AM

We recently launched a new collaboration portal for a customer who offers private insurance solutions. Their innovative approach to private insurance enables their clients to direct procure insurance coverage for selected risks, transfer high exposure to third parties, and designate an investor to participate in an innovative profit-sharing program.

Their collaboration portal, built on M-Connect and M-Files, provides a range of self-service and collaboration features to their clients. The features include:

  • Their clients can view and download insurance documentation such as policies, fund activity statements, settlement notices, bank statements, and other agreements.
  • They use task lists to help streamline communication and make sure all the required information is supplied by their clients.
  • During the annual renewal period, their clients can easily provide the key persons, customers, contacts, risks, etc., via an intuitive form. The form is prepopulated with the prior year information to help streamline the data collection process.
  • The portal allows their clients to file a claim and check their claim status
  • When new documents or tasks are added to the portal, the client is automatically sent an email notification alert.

The features provided by the portal allows our customer to streamline their processes and free up their time to concentrate on adding value to their clients.

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