New Introduction To Records Management Videos

Dwayne Parkinson
Apr 23, 2024 3:04:56 PM

TEAM IM is very excited to announce the release of several new "Introduction To Records Management" videos.  These videos are meant as a resource for those new to Records Management or those looking to move away from their current legacy Records Management software and practices. Historically, paper-based Records Management processes have shaped the Records Management industry. Still, over time, those processes have had some interesting and unfortunate side effects for Records Managers who now manage physical and electronic records stored in multiple repositories. 

The goal of these overview videos is to deliver some new ideas and perspectives on Records Management in an effort to help Records Managers transition from processes built around paper-based records management into a more flexible and modern approach to records management.  There are four videos in the series that will go over the steps of developing and implementing more modern Records Management processes.

1) Introduction To Modern Records Management (7:21) - Provides an overview of what Records Management is and some basic processes.


2) Creating A File Plan & Policies (5:47) - Discusses what a File Plan is and walks through the initial steps involved in creating a File Plan.


3) Assigning Retention (11:43) - Works through the process of developing categories of retention and explains how those categories of retention get assigned to documents based on Policies.


4) Advanced Capabilities (11:47) - Discusses some more complex situations that Records Managers may deal with and how those can be addressed.


While the videos are definitely focused on using M-Files and AutoRecords, the principles discussed can be applied to any Records Management situation. If your organization is beginning a Records Management journey or looking to modernize its solution, reach out to TEAM IM and let us help you discover how easy modern Records Management can be.

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