15 Great WebCenter and ADF Resources

Jun 24, 2013 11:03:36 AM

TEAM is an enterprise solutions and technology company that collaborates with clients providing products, services, support and training to put unstructured data to work.  TEAM’s expertise lies in Oracle’s WebCenter pillar and more specifically WebCenter Content (UCM), Sites (FatWire), Portal and ADF within the WebCenter family of products. Expanding upon last year’s posts from John Brunswick on 25 Great ADF resources and 25 Excellent WebCenter resources, I have added 15 additional resources that will assist you with getting up to speed on these products and staying on top of the latest news and tips.

WebCenter and ADF Blogs

Oracle A-TEAM

The contributors to this blog are comprised of the WebCenter contingent of Oracle's Fusion Middleware Architecture Team, otherwise known as the "A-Team". This particular group of product specialists maintains expert knowledge in the areas of WebCenter Portal, Webcenter Sites (FatWire), Oracle ADF, WebCenter Content (UCM) and Site Studio (WCM), and WebCenter Imaging (IPM). These experts support Oracle's key middleware accounts worldwide. I am certain that you, the reader, will find ample nuggets of wisdom in this blog to help further your current or future Fusion implementations, but should the information in this publication fall short ... you know who to call on.

ADF Code Corner by Frank Nimphius

JDeveloper is the IDE used to create these WebCenter and ADF applications and this blog by Frank Nimphius will keep you up to date on the latest tools and tips regarding this product.

Yannick Ongena’s WebCenter Blog

Yannick Ongena’s Blog has an in-depth tutorial on the WebCenter Portal product with tons of additional tips on other products and technologies including WebCenter Portal: Spaces and ADF.

One size doesn’t fit all by Chris Muir

New blog by Oracle ADF Product Manager Chris Muir that is already filled with some great tips on ADF task flows and data models.


Google WebCenter EMG Group

The WebCenter Enterprise Methodology Group is for discussing high level design issues for WebCenter projects, beyond how to get things to work via the OTN forums.

Oracle’s JDeveloper and ADF forum

Oracle’s official forum on JDeveloper and ADF products and technologies that also includes announcements for upcoming events.


Free Advanced online ADF Course

Free ADF course that runs you through video tutorials and hands-on labs and then gives you a quiz at the end of each section.

Tutorial for WebCenter Portal Developers (

Updated tutorial for the WebCenter Portal product.

Tutorial for WebCenter Portal: Spaces Developers (

Updated tutorial for WebCenter Portal: Spaces product.


Latest WebCenter PS5 Documentation (

WebCenter Portal

Oracle’s official documentation on the WebCenter Portal product.

WebCenter Content

Oracle’s official documentation on the WebCenter Content product.

Expression Language Expressions

Explains expression language expressions and gives you tips on the most common ones to use within your WebCenter Portal application.


Oracle WebCenter Social Network

Great set of videos that explain the WebCenter Social product and what we can expect with the upcoming release.

Build Killer Sites with Oracle WebCenter

Explains the AviTrust WebCenter Portal website that is used within the WebCenter Portal VM and how you can use the examples within that application within your own WebCenter Portal application.

Advanced ADF Faces - Skinning & Javascript

Every WebCenter Portal project will need some sort of skinning and this video explains the best practice on how to accomplish this.

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