Capturing the data you need with eForms

Sep 24, 2019 6:37:10 PM

For most businesses, dealing with forms is a part of every working day. This is especially true of organisations that have their own HR departments, and they’re even more prolific in government.  According to the Washington Examiner, a recent study by the American Action Forum shows that Americans collectively spend 11.4 billion hours a year filling out government forms.

What it comes down to is that typically, most organisations are awash with forms and the paper they’re normally printed on.  It's time-consuming, tedious, and subject to errors because of the amount of manual handling needed.

TEAM Informatics has partnered with Frevvo, a market-leader in eForms and workflow automation, to integrate their award winning platform with the M-Files’ intelligent repository.  Designed to capture and integrate your eForms data with your core business systems, the eForms for M-Files solution can help you transform a wide range of business processes, ultimately saving you time and money.

With their ability to automatically validate the data entered on the eForm, the Frevvo solution also helps you cut down on mistakes.  Sophisticated validation can use regular expressions to check formats and can connect to a back-end system to ensure that the data is correct and complete.  Similarly, if configured with mandatory fields, employees can't submit a form with missing fields or errors.  

The eForms for M-Files solution means that you can:

  • Build with drag & drop – the Frevvo forms designer and wizards make it super easy to build and manage dynamic forms

  • Easily ensure mobile compatibility – the form builders are also mobile friendly, and can take advantage of mobile-specific features like GPS and the camera

  • Integrate with enterprise systems – pre-populate forms with existing data and ensure new data is captured in the correct format and is automatically uploaded to ensure no errors

  • Automatically save completed forms and attached documents in M-Files.

For example, think of what’s usually involved in an HR onboarding process. A new employee has a multitude of forms to fill out, that then need to be processed by the HR team. With the eForms for M-Files solution, documents can be quickly generated based on captured data, with documents checked into M-Files for ongoing management and compliance with retention policies.

The eForm that a new employee fills out can be embedded in your employee portal, a mobile application, M-Files or accessed via a browser. Because the Frevvo forms use simple design mechanics, they’re very responsive with dynamic capabilities such as calculations and look-ups.  

Once the forms are completed, eForms for M-Files polling will pick up any new submissions to registered forms, and sync their data and documents to the repository.  The raw data is transferred to an .xml format, in case it’s needed in the future.  Not only that, but data from the submissions can also be mapped to M-files meta-data values, which means documents are much easier to organise and to retrieve when required.

And that's just an HR example. The eForms for M-files solution means that capturing and managing your business data has just become super easy.  The combination of the Frevvo eForms platform and the M-Files intelligent repository brings the best of two worlds together.

If you’re keen to see this solution in action, you can schedule a demo. To find out more about how eForms can transform your business processes, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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