Managing More than the Job Site

Sep 30, 2022 9:52:25 AM

To some, the construction industry begins and ends on the job site. What they don’t understand is that the construction industry is far more multifaceted and complex than that. From designers to tradespeople to administrators and more, completing a construction project takes a lot of people doing a lot of work.

Overall, that means that every new project requires smooth communication and efficient management of the industry's unique demands. You need management software that will take you from the initial pitch all the way through construction and final inspections.

At TEAM IM, we have worked with our partners to optimize the software we bring to the construction industry. From Asana to Procore and beyond, we ensure you have the right software to handle your wants and needs.

Solutions for the Construction Industry

What does it mean to be designed for the construction industry? It’s a phrase that shows up in marketing materials for several products but isn’t often explained or expanded upon too much.

Software for a construction firm needs to be able to integrate files and communications from internal and external sources, have an interface that allows for accounting and budget tracking, track a firm’s history with contractors and subcontractors, handle project management tasks both on- and off-site, and be a resource to field agents doing safety, compliance, and follow-up inspections.

Integrating Files and Communications

This aspect of construction software technologies stretches from the very beginning of a project all the way to the end, its conclusion. 

Once a client has come to your firm to fill a need through construction or renovation, project goals and progress tracking begins. Asana is especially valuable here as the ability to create structured task trees from project to task to subtask is essential to a successful construction strategy plan.

With the ability to render designs as two-dimensional drafts and three-dimensional virtual walkthroughs, it’s imperative that your content management system is capable of handling multiple file formats.

With TEAM IM’s 25+ years of expertise in content management, we can put your mind at ease. We ensure your software can handle documents, images, PDFs, videos, CAD details, and more with ease to keep your entire team up-to-date with their tasks and on the same page about goals and deadlines. With TEAM IM's history of developing metadata structures, we can put your metadata to work, creating an intelligent schema that brings relevant asset information into your user interface and workflows, and powers your search queries.

Accounting and Budget Tracking

Between the equipment, supplies, and people required to successfully complete a construction project, every job your firm gets hired to carry out is a major investment. Going over budget or failing to pay your contractors in a timely fashion for their work can have major ramifications on your reputation and future business relationships.

Additionally, the realities of a location can necessitate changes to building plans and shifting of budget priorities. Your construction software technologies need to be agile enough to roll with these changes and accessible enough that your team on-site is working with the same information as your off-site team.

Ensuring that your content management is properly synched with your project management and field services software is a particular specialty of TEAM IM. Whether you prefer to run things through Asana document management, Procore, or another system, our experts have the knowledge necessary to optimize your budgetary and account tracking processes and software usage.

Project Management

Project management is possibly the most essential aspect of choosing software for a construction firm. Tracking who is doing what and when it needs to be done can be extremely difficult without the right tools.

Asana specializes in task and sub-task tracking. You can establish the pathway your construction project will take from concept to final inspections. Each task can be broken down into its component parts, with teams identified and assigned to each task from the start.

Procore and its project management and construction industry focus, enables you to track progress and make adjustments, manage and share documents, and so much more. And thanks to TEAM IM’s new Dropbox Sign integration with Procore, any adjustments that need to be made can be signed off on instantly—no need to wait around for approval that may not come until the next business day.

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Field Service and Inspections

Whether looking for an all-in-one construction software solution or looking to integrate multiple platforms, field service needs to be a high priority. After all, your inspectors and field agents are responsible for monitoring regulatory compliance issues, safety, and quality assurance.

By utilizing software designed for the construction industry, your field service team is able to get checklists and information breakdowns that can be updated in real time. You also give your clients a more transparent process to follow thanks to automated updates on key inspections that can include the electronic signature of the inspector on-premises as the inspection is happening via Dropbox Sign.

Integrated Solution

There are so many phases to a construction job, from inception to construction. Finding software that can handle the myriad aspects of the construction industry can be a challenge, to say the least. 

But by integrating your solutions, you give yourself the best of all possible worlds. TEAM IM has worked closely with Procore, Dropbox Sign, Asana, and more to not only learn how the construction industry operates with these tools, but how we can help you optimize your work within that industry.

From combining the industry-specific capabilities of Procore with the automated feedback and accountability offered by Dropbox Sign, to implementing the intuitive overview of the tasks required to successfully accomplish your goals provided by Asana, TEAM IM makes sure you have the right software to meet your deadlines and satisfy your clients.

That same software will make your firm a more cohesive unit as well. Clearly defined processes and workflows mean that everyone knows exactly what is asked of them and helps to improve communication and set expectations for you and your customers. 

It can be reasonably said that the construction industry is an engine that drives the world economy. Don’t you want your engine to fire on all cylinders?

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