AutoRecords Boasts New Features For 2024

Dwayne Parkinson
Feb 29, 2024 2:14:40 PM

TEAM IM is excited to announce a new release of AutoRecords, the premier enterprise records management solution for the M-Files platform.  Release 1.2.2 is now available for download on the M-Files Solution Catalog.  This release focuses on usability enhancements and incorporating the latest logging capabilities within M-Files.

Autorecord MFILES

One of this release's most visible usability changes is renaming "AutoClassification Rules" to "Policies."  The name change makes it easier for records managers to align existing retention plans represented in spreadsheets with configurations in M-Files.  We have also introduced the concept of a "Policy Owner."  The Policy Owner can be assigned to review records associated with the Policy as part of the records management process.

Cloud customers will appreciate M-Files' recently improved logging capabilities, and by extension, AutoRecords can now expand its logging capabilities.  This change includes new Disposition Logs, which can be stored on the M-Files system and used as a "Certificates Of Destruction" and for audit purposes. 

Customers with extremely large vaults will notice several improvements in performance in this release.  In addition to behind-the-scenes performance improvements, this change includes "Direct Actions."  These new Direct Actions perform common functions such as Delete and Archive directly against M-Files objects without the overhead of sending objects through M-Files workflows.

Finally, with this release, TEAM IM is delivering a set of Samples & Best Practice documentation.  The sample configurations are available for download, and the examples show common configuration options and how they can be used to achieve many different records management goals.  The Best Practices documentation helps records managers plan an implementation using lessons learned from other records managers.

With the latest changes, achieving compliance with records management in M-Files is now easier and faster than ever before.  For more information about implementing records management in M-Files, please contact M-Files or TEAM IM.

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