INNOVATE NZ 2023 Conference

Tyrone Coupland
Oct 24, 2023 4:30:34 PM

This will be the third year in a row TEAM IM has attended the Innovate NZ conference, to be held in Wellington on Thursday 9 November. It is for the Public Sector and its byline promises “Digital Leadership and Visionary Strategies Transforming Service Delivery in Aotearoa”.


I’m pleased to see the opening keynote is about “Cultural Transformation of a Digital Workplace” because I think workplace culture is the critical factor, and perhaps the single biggest indicator of success in Digital Transformation projects. A second keynote is on the topic of privacy and covers a Privacy Maturity framework. That these human-centric elements are at the heart of digital transformation discussions is heartening. I will be listening with interest.

In terms of innovation over the next 21 months, the AI wave is about to hit government and business like a storm. With the potential environment of public spending austerity, AI-supported automation and people-enablement will be a tempting siren song that will promise instant results. However, adoption at the organisational level takes time to navigate the impacts on budgets, processes, policy, and legislation. Agencies must be prepared to experiment and then reflect on the results, considering the hidden costs and the impact on staff and customers. It is easy to focus on the benefits but forget to account for side effects properly.

The best thing about conferences is that we get to talk to a variety of people with their different experiences and perspectives. We should embrace this as an opportunity to dive deep into the challenges and risks as much as the rewards. It helps make the planning process more realistic. Besides, I don’t think I’m ready to rely on ChatGPT to give me those perspectives just yet!

If your AI tool doesn’t proactively suggest this conference, you can find out more here:

Innovate NZ 2023 - Public Sector Network

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