Microsoft Teams Premium & GPT

Jon Chartrand
Feb 9, 2023 5:21:37 PM

Microsoft recently announced a new tier in the Teams offering; Premium. We'll likely take a dive into the breadth and depth of the offering, and what it could mean to you in the near future, but for today I wanted to focus on the integration of AI-powered features using the ubiquitous GPT.

You've probably heard plenty of buzz recently about GPT and ChatGPT, possibly even some chatter about their rivals Stability AI or DeepMind, but the gist is that these technologies are "language models". This means they're methods for computer programs to generate language. I won't get into the details behind the genius, but suffice it to say in short they intake a prompt and generate a tailored response. So now ask yourself, what text responses are generated from meetings?

With the incredibly powerful transcription service enabled on your meeting, a full readout of everything everyone said during the call is available. Now imagine taking that as the "prompt" and requesting a "summary" from the language model. Or how about asking for "meeting notes" or "task lists"? Now we're off to the races! It doesn't take a crystal ball to see a future where Microsoft Teams leverages AI to such an ingrained level that outputs such as these are common.

This announcement is just the first step towards something much bigger, and we're wading into these new waters with our clients to keep them at the cutting edge!

For more details on Microsoft's integration with GPT, click here.

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