The Power of M-Files Text-Analytics

Feb 16, 2023 10:12:00 AM

What is M-Files Text Analytics?

M-Files Text Analytics is one of two subservices of the M-Files Information Extractor. Text Analytics is installed with the Matcher subservice, and both services identify text within the file and provide suggestions on the metadata card. However, while M-Files Matcher can be used to reconcile data from sources such as spreadsheets, databases, and enterprise systems, M-Files Text Analytics focuses purely on data extraction from the document itself.

M-Files Text Analytics uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to identify and extract specific data points, such as contact information, dates, and keywords, from documents. The extracted information can then be automatically be captured and stored in the M-Files metadata repository, making it easily searchable and accessible for later use.

Why is M-Files Text Analytics so powerful?

M-Files Text Analytics allows you to automatically extract many kinds of data, including:

  • Phone Numbers
  • IBAN numbers
  • Dates
  • Names
  • Countries

These are just the pre-built and out-of-the-box data types that Text Analytics allows you to immediately extract from your documents. In addition to these data types, you can use regular expressions to identify any kind of data that has an identifiable pattern within the document, such as:

  • VINs
  • Invoice Numbers
  • Document Numbers
  • Emails 
  • SSNs

Overall,  M-Files Text-Analytics provides a powerful and flexible solution for organizations looking to extract relevant information from their unstructured text data, streamline business processes and make informed decisions. By automating the process of extracting information, M-Files Text Analytics helps organizations save time and reduce manual effort, while also improving the accuracy and completeness of their data.

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