Monitoring in a Managed Services Team

Anita Duncan
Sep 27, 2021 8:31:19 PM

One of the challenges a Managed Services Team that works across multiple customers has is how to present real-time monitoring in a meaningful way to provide a quick view into the health of each customer.

Historically monitoring needs to be accessed by logging into each customer via a unique VPN. Logging into multiple customer's VPNs at the same time is not possible, meaning the team is constantly switching between customers to check the status of systems.

Recently, the team embarked on a Continual Service Improvement initiative to improve this. The goal was to consolidate all AWS customer key monitoring into one dashboard that could be accessed by the entire team on Laptops, Tablets, and Phones.

We got more than we anticipated. Not only can we now see a consolidated dashboard across customers, but we can also remotely set downtime for outages via the consolidated dashboard. This allows Service Management to view and/or set downtime to ensure alerting is only received where it is genuine and not caused by schedule work.

Now, by accessing and logging into a URL, anyone within TEAM IM who has been granted access can very quickly get a view of our customer's system health on any device.

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