Proactive Customer Service with M-Files Remote Monitoring

Scott Olesen
Nov 2, 2021 12:22:55 PM

As part of providing excellent customer service to our M-Files customers, we proactively monitor their M-Files vaults and related solutions to make sure they are accessible and functioning properly. We do this for vaults running in M-Files Cloud, on customer’s premises, and in public clouds such as AWS and Azure.

It involves measuring current behavior against predetermined baselines for network connectivity, database connectivity, search index performance, authentication services, and other services. If any of the services are outside the configured thresholds, our managed services team is alerted via real-time notifications. This allows us to react and resolve the issue directly or notify the responsible IT group of the issue so they can resolve it. Either way, we stick with the issue until it is corrected.

Our monitoring solution also has configurable dashboards that allow our managed services team to quickly check the health of our customer’s environments. With the customizable dashboard, we can narrow it down to specific vaults and services, which helps when performing analysis for our customers.

This is just the start of this tremendous service as we are continually tweaking it to enhance our customer’s experience with M-Files and related solutions. We have plans for adding log monitoring and analysis, where possible, to proactively analyze and resolve application errors before they become serious issues.

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