SharePoint to Oracle WebCenter Content  Replication

Mark Robinson
Oct 27, 2021 6:21:59 PM

The SharePoint to Oracle WebCenter Content Replication Application is an application developed by TEAM IM that replicates documents from SharePoint into Oracle WebCenter Content on a periodic basis.  The Application detects new and updated documents in nominated SharePoint site folders and replicates them to the corresponding Web Centre Content folder. 

The application is controlled from a SharePoint site where configuration is maintained on the site with the following parameters for each SharePoint site:

  • The SharePoint site to be replicated
  • The corresponding Oracle WebCenter Content folder where the SharePoint folder hierarchy is rooted
  • The document types to be replicated e.g. docs, pdf
  • An exclusion list of folders and documents (mainly to prevent SharePoint specific system files being transferred)
  • Whether the replication is active

Folders in Oracle WebCenter Content are created as needed; permissions on new folders are inherited from the WebCenter Content parent folder.  

The application can be hosted on Linux or Windows servers that have network access to both the SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content servers. 

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