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Dwayne Parkinson
Aug 28, 2023 2:28:21 PM

In the ever-changing world of global commerce, efficient logistics and streamlined shipping processes are paramount to success. However, the often complex and time-consuming task of managing shipping paperwork can pose significant challenges to businesses. This is where M-Files, a cutting-edge document management platform, steps in to revolutionize the way shipping paperwork is handled. In this article, we explore how M-Files can streamline shipping paperwork, enhance accuracy, and contribute to overall operational excellence.

Shipping involves a myriad of paperwork, ranging from invoices, packing lists, customs declarations, shipping instructions, certificates of origin, and more. The traditional approach to managing this paperwork involves manual handling, scanning, physical storage, and the risk of documents being lost, misplaced, or outdated. This not only leads to inefficiencies but can also result in errors, delays, and compliance issues.

M-Files, a leader in document management, offers an innovative solution to the shipping paperwork challenge. With its unique metadata-based approach, M-Files integrates with ERP systems and replaces the traditional folder-based network document storage system with a system that tags documents with relevant attributes. The attributes include critical shipping information such as customer, ship-to location, and carrier which allows documents to be quickly and easily retrieved based on their content and associated metadata.

M-Files enables all shipping documents to be stored in a centralized digital repository. This facilitates easy access from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical document retrieval. Whether a team member is in the office, working remotely or making a delivery, they can access the necessary paperwork with just a few clicks.

M-Files also includes automated workflows that route shipping documents for approvals, reviews, and other necessary processes. This eliminates bottlenecks caused by manual routing, accelerates decision-making, and speeds up the overall shipping process.

In many cases, shipping involves adhering to various regulations and compliance standards. M-Files maintains a comprehensive audit trail, recording every action taken on a document. This not only ensures compliance with regulations but also provides a clear history of document modifications and approvals.

The metadata-based approach of M-Files allows users to search for and retrieve documents using powerful built-in search capabilities. Documents can be found by searching based on metadata such as “customer=ABC Corporation” or natural language queries such as “ABC Corporation BOL August 2023.” This significantly improves the speed and accuracy of document retrieval, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Successfully streamlining shipping paperwork with M-Files requires a strategic approach. First identify the types of shipping documents your business frequently deals with, such as invoices, customs forms, and bills of lading. Then determine the key attributes and metadata that should be associated with each document type. Next, determine which attributes to pull from the ERP system such as Customer and Ship To so those integrations can be configured. Finally, workflows can be created to facilitate approvals and routing of documents.

Once deployed, the flexibility of M-Files provides an excellent platform to facilitate further incremental improvements. Expanded workflows and more integrations are commonplace. For example, integrating with transportation and logistics software to provide routes and ETA’s.

M-Files offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines shipping paperwork, enhances accuracy, and improves overall efficiency. By automating workflows and providing easy access to documents, M-Files empowers businesses to achieve operational excellence in their shipping processes. Embracing the digital transformation of shipping paperwork with M-Files can lead to smoother operations, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction – all crucial components of success in the modern business landscape. For more information about how TEAM IM can help quickly convert your shipping operations into a strategic advantage, please contact

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