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Tyrone Coupland
Oct 10, 2022 11:00:20 AM

TEAM IM NZ will be attending two conferences in November: Innovate and ALGIM.

Innovate, which covers the latest trends in cloud, data, and citizen services for the NZ Public Sector. This year they express their objectives: "Amidst ever-changing conditions and uncertain futures, the event will offer the opportunity to kōrero, connect and challenge, and most of all highlight how Aotearoa New Zealand’s public service continues to collaborate and innovate to create better outcomes for society at large." (https://publicsectornetwork.co/event/innovate-nz-2022/)

ALGIM, the Association for Local Government Information Management, gets together for a few days in Christchurch from November 21 to 23. You can find more information here:  https://www.algim.org.nz/2022conference 

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet new people, find out what challenges they are grappling with, and what solutions are working for them. These are fertile grounds for gaining new insights, as the reality of tight budgets, competing priorities, and limited staff can inspire innovation and experimentation. Learning from others can save some of the headaches that come with new territory.

I’m looking forward to being there and soaking in the vibes. TEAM IM has a range of products we can match to different problems, but perhaps more importantly, we work across different sectors and different countries, so get to see what is common and what is different in a way that builds a bank of experience that can sometimes be taken for granted. For instance, right now I am working on projects for two USA organisations, a Research company based in Singapore, a Health Sector company in Christchurch and a financial institution in Wellington. That level of variety makes our work endlessly interesting, and there is always more to learn, even as we build from what we know.

Think about the conferences happening around your area of expertise or interest and consider getting out there and swapping stories. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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