Inside How TEAM IM Utilizes JIRA to Elevate Project Delivery

Nicole Lunberg
May 8, 2024 3:59:49 PM

In the modern landscape of fast-paced delivery, effective management of scope and support requests is paramount to tracking and communicating efforts within a project. TEAM IM has embraced JIRA along with JIRA Service Management as our go-to solution for optimizing workflows and enhancing collaboration across team members and customers. TEAM IM acknowledges that the Atlassian JIRA suite not only provides excellent project tracking throughout a delivery project but also opens the door to post-delivery tracking, including support for our clients. By offering their Service Management solution, TEAM IM customers have access to a customized portal to submit support tickets which notifies the team, details requirements, and allows communication and collaboration all within the ticket itself.

Within the delivery process, our team is able to categorize scope by initiatives, assign tickets, note budgets and due dates, track dependencies, and create a project roadmap all through Atlassian's out-of-the-box functionality. Customization of different fields within the ticket, the workflow, ticket automation, and filters are also available and widely used to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and their projects all while tracking tickets and detailing the work in JIRA.

After delivery, TEAM IM provides ongoing support with our Global Support Manager and team of experts. Within support, our customers have a customized portal created where they have access to view open tickets, respond to comments/questions, create new tickets, and oversee the support ticket from initiation to completion. On the TEAM IM's side, we are notified whenever customers submit a ticket and can communicate with the customer directly. Similar to using JIRA during delivery, JIRA Service Management allows TEAM IM to customize the queue, view all tickets, and edit the workflow. Additionally, we can add organizations to ensure any business 3rd parties can submit tickets if needed, add/edit/delete customer contacts to ensure security of access to the portal, and customize which field options and required fields are available to the customer and within the queue view.

In conclusion, JIRA and JIRA Service Management services as the backbone of our project management and delivery infrastructure to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional service to our customers. By leveraging the capabilities Atlassian offers, TEAM IM continues to drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation across the organization. 

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