For more than fifteen years, TEAM has partnered with Oracle to bring cutting-edge technology to businesses, intent on our shared mission to drive efficiency and revenue through content management. Oracle's solutions have evolved with technology and the broader market, shifting from only on-premises enterprise platforms to now including globally distributed and massively scalable cloud services. The debut of Oracle's Documents Cloud Service (DOCS) was an important milestone, and the service's progression into Content & Experience Cloud (CEC) was both natural and exciting. The dual embrace of Experience Management and Content Management pushed the service in compelling directions, opening up both capabilities and opportunities. In June of this year, Oracle once more evolved the service into "Oracle Content Management" (OCE), and if you weren't aware or haven't looked lately, I would highly encourage you to do so! Let's shoot through a couple of highlights to see why.

Oracle continues to invest heavily in the evolution of the OCE API. The platform can integrate with whatever and however you need, all the way up to creating a completely headless content management solution. This means OCE provides return value not just in its primary role but also as a dynamic hub for the content and experience aspects of any other application. In addition, options like Lingotek connectivity mean OCE can play an important role in almost every aspect of your business.

The old days of flat, top-down metadata models are long gone. Today's smarter OCE brings flexible, intelligent metadata modeling and taxonomy management to the table. This means both people and processes can assign smart, multilayered metadata to content as well as find what they're looking for every time. 

The Experience side of OCE has been getting updates and improvements just as regularly. Oracle's investment in competing with the likes of Adobe has meant pushing the platform with smarter, more comprehensive templates, intelligent and flexible asset management capabilities, evolving a diverse range of integrations, and making quality-of-life improvements such as easy publishing and schedules. The Experience Management side of this platform is ready to compete with any heavyweight on the market - and brings the strength of all the other Oracle Cloud services with it.

With all of your content, metadata, and experience assets intelligently managed in OCE, securing them to the right people for the right reasons is imperative. To this end, you can utilize granular permissions control on assets based on asset type or its taxonomy categorization. Both users and groups can be granted permissions to view, update, create, or delete assets in your repository - including default permissions. You can also use explicit rules on object types and categories to modify the default permissions as needed. OCE ensures that security is yours to control as you need and as you see fit.

Oracle Content Management (OCE) is a whole new ball game of service-based content management and certainly isn't your parents' enterprise monolith. Intelligent, flexible, and connected, OCE sets the bar high for tomorrow's enterprise content management space, and we here at TEAM IM are excited. Reach out today for a tailored demonstration so we can show you what you've got to gain.


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