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Apr 19, 2023 11:46:10 AM

Consistent, accurate, relevant and timely communication with your clients and business partners is one of the most important aspects of your business relationship.  

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But over time, you may notice that all the written content you send your clients have a lot of commonalities. Instead of having someone take the time to write up a report every time, wouldn’t it save time if you could plug the relevant data into a document assembly application?

Actually, you can. TEAM IM offers a document automation solution that will save your team time and effort while giving your clients everything they need. Whether you need to generate reports, contracts, quotes, proposals, product brochures, manuals, or other documents, you can generate those from the context of the business scenario by populating metadata and selecting from templates of pre-written vetted text.

Why Automate?

Automation is designed to make repetitive, work-intensive tasks accomplishable in less time and with less risk of human error, with more consistency and thus higher quality. Putting together the documents that make up your organization’s lifeblood is one of those tasks.

That’s because, with the exception of the actual numbers and figures being reported, the content you generate is often full of passages of similar text. Why write a custom report every month or quarter when you could create an automated template that will update the relevant data in a fraction of the time?

The same goes for contracts. You likely have templates for specific contracts. But if you need to make changes by hand depending on who you are contracting with, you could make mistakes. Automated document production prevents the risk of human error.

Even when you are making surveys or other documents, automation can save your team precious time and bandwidth. Being able to select from templated items to create customized documents just makes good business sense.

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How Does Automatic Document Assembly Work?

In order to generate report documents and other important artifacts for your organization, the best document automation software operates surprisingly simply. You need to have a powerful content management platform like M-Files to really get the most out of automation. But as long as you have that base covered, you can do great things.

You begin by identifying your standardized language. What are the words you use that are specifically necessary for your documents? Then create a series of standardized templates for those pieces of language.

Additionally, you’ll identify important templated fields. These are fields like “Client Name,” “Address,” or “Equipment Description.” These fields will be updated according to the account for which your document has been generated.

Essentially, your document assembly application will combine templated segments including standardized language and appropriate templated fields to build the relevant document. This process can even include relevant legal disclaimers and identifiable brand imagery for your organization.

This is a metadata powered process, which is why a content management platform like M-Files that utilizes metadata for data storage, searches, and organization is necessary. 

By building out document templates for each type of commonly used document employed by your organization, you can save a world of time. For example, you could make a contract template for vendors that will always include certain fields and language. By clicking on that template, you would get the exact contract you needed put together right away.

You would only need to search for the template of the document type you need. The software will use metadata to fill the rest in, including client specific information. That document will then be ready for digital usage like e-Signatures or printing into a hard copy for in-person use.

The better and more specific your document templates are, the faster your software will be able to generate your documents. So it pays to compile a thorough library of templated language and fields.

Is This Really Viable?

Absolutely, it is. Automated document production is already making life easier out in the world for forward thinking organizations right now. And it isn’t only contracts and quarterly reports that are being generated.

Construction firms are using this technology to generate consistent, vetted work orders and contracts and even site-specific quality, safety, and incident surveys for their field services teams. These help them recognize exactly what needs to be inspected and checked without wasting any time.

By automating documents for these surveys, they ensure that every check needed to remain in compliance with local ordinances are included and completed. But that’s not the only thing this automation gives them.

The metadata that drives document generation can also be leveraged for reporting and business analytics. For example, data from repeated jobs with a given contractor may indicate a particular area in which that contractor tends to perform unfavorably to others. So you could stop hiring the contractor for that type of work.

And that’s just one sample industry. Automated document assembly can pay rich dividends no matter what area your organization specializes in. The important thing is to work with a partner that knows how to make this technology work for you.

Our Team Strengthens Yours

TEAM IM specializes in making our clients’ software solutions work optimally for them. Our expertise in the world of intelligent content management has been recognized and valued by partner organizations all over the world.

We offer top-of-the-line document automation services thanks to our in-depth knowledge of M-Files and other metadata-driven content management systems. In fact, TEAM IM even has several industry-specific solutions ready to deploy for you.

From accounting services to construction management and everywhere in between, TEAM IM has solutions for your information management needs. Including document generation. 

Save Time for Your Team

No matter your organization’s specialty, you will need to generate important documents. Whether you are in the private sector or the public sector, reports, contracts, and other documents matter to what you do.

Automated document assembly streamlines the document production process immensely. With well-planned and thoroughly built templates and templated language and information fields, you can reduce the time it takes to generate report documents by an extreme amount.

Often, those documents are 90-100% ready for delivery to a client, requiring only a short period of proofreading. The amount of time saved by automating this process cannot be stressed enough.

So reach out to an expert at TEAM IM today and see how an automated document solution can save your team time and money today.

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