DOC Conservation Week 2023

Aug 23, 2023 11:17:56 AM

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This year for DOC Conservation week /Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa 2023 (held between the 14th and 20th of August) DOC asked Aotearoa/New Zealand to “take action for nature”. Conservation Week is a reminder of our responsibility in looking after our environment and native species, all year round. Any contribution, big or small, is valued.

TEAM IM New Zealand has donated to the Kākāpō Recovery Programme. The Kākāpō Recovery Programme “combines the efforts of iwi, scientists, rangers, volunteers and donors to protect the critically endangered kākāpō. All donations to a registered charity, Mauri Ora Kākāpō Trust, contribute directly to the health and vitality (Mauri Ora) of this critically endangered species”1.

Here are some of the ways staff at TEAM IM New Zealand either already do in their everyday lives or have recently taken action as a part of Conservation Week to do their part for the planet:

  • Dani has recently set up an outdoor cat enclosure to prevent her two cats from leaving the property. Which not only helps keep them safe but saves the lives of the native birds in the Ohariu area.
  • Phil has taken part in ‘Predator Free Paekakariki’ by installing traps on his own property.
  • Snehal has recently started composting her household coffee grinds in her own garden.
  • Anita installed solar panels with a battery earlier this year. This has reduced energy costs by two-thirds and battery means reduced reliance on the grid. She also owns a hybrid vehicle.
  • Sergio commutes to the office each day on his bike. He cycles between 150-200kms per week.
  • Russell made a conscious effort to build a low-energy house including the use of solar panels.
  • Mehma chooses to eat a plant-based diet which helps reduce her climate heating emissions and water pollution.
  • Meg walks to work every day. She also makes a conscious effort to shop mainly at second-hand stores or ‘hires’ clothes from local businesses.
  • Tyrone makes use of his backyard to grow his own produce and has planted native trees as well as herbs and flowers which attract beneficial wildlife.
  • Nick makes a conscious effort when the weather is good to walk to the office from Ngaio to Wellington CBD. Nick’s household also uses eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • James often tries to make use of recycled goods by encouraging creativity with the kids to build toys and create artwork.
  • Rykiel often longboards into the Wellington CBD office from Kelburn whenever he can.
  • AJ takes all the office coffee grinds to compost at his house and to be used in the garden, reducing waste.
  • TEAM IM Wellington office uses Will & Able eco-friendly cleaning products. Will & Able's bottles are made from recycled milk bottles. When finished with the product TEAM IM sends back the empty bottles which then get reused to make a fresh new finished product.

As one of TEAM IM’s key clients, we look forward to volunteering at Zealandia Sanctuary next year together with DOC.

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