EU to challenge Google Analytics

Brad Hickey
Jan 31, 2022 6:36:00 AM

In recent news, Austria’s data regulator found that websites using Google Analytics are in breach of GDPR laws in the European Union.

Google Analytics, a small bit of embedded JavaScript code that runs when a user loads a web page, is used by website administrations to track website usage and determine detailed information about their user base. The code collects information about the user (country, browser, operating system, etc.), assigns a unique identifier to the user, and then transmits this data back to servers that reside in the United States for processing.

The regulator claims that the data being sent to the US isn’t properly protected against potential access by US intelligence agencies. This ruling is important because it opens up the potential for more regulators within the EU to review the case and give their own judgments.

As many of our clients use this technology, we are advising on a wait-and-see approach. Google will take the time to digest the recommendations and form a response to the regulators. There will likely be a multi-year discussion between EU regulators and Google before a final approach is agreed upon. Web sites should continue to be transparent with their cookie/tracking statements when users arrive to the site. We will keep an eye on the situation and give further recommendations as needed.


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