Improving Solution Delivery

Jon Chartrand
Sep 9, 2021 8:00:00 AM

TEAM IM has been delivering solutions for over twenty years. From the beginning, we’ve strongly believed that how you get to the goal is every bit as important as the goal itself. Our partners and clients rely on us, not just for rich and innovative solutions, but for efficiency and clarity on the road to winning outcomes as well. Making this happen is more than just project management. It’s about Solution Delivery and makes the task of keeping our tools and methods as sharp as possible incredibly important. 

To ensure this happens, we follow four principles: Evolve, Invest, Review, and Update. 

First, the delivery practice at TEAM IM works constantly to Evolve our methodologies. Every partner and client works differently, and not every process meshes well with their people, politics, or culture. We must be nimble enough to pivot to the right method for your business to ensure we’re on the winning track.

Second, we Invest in education to expand our capabilities. Knowing that one doesn't know everything is a major key to growing both as a person and as an organization. Whether it's getting educated on new methods, or innovative systems, or advanced tools, Team leans forward in our efforts to watch the horizon.

Rounding third, we consistently Review our tools. Not only has the knowledge required to be a developer or an architect or a project manager changed radically in just the last decade, but so too have the tools that those jobs utilize. From pencil and paper to email, to mobile apps, to augmented reality, the tech we use is changing daily, and it’s critical we understand the pros and cons of what we use and what we don’t.

After all that, we slide into home plate. Taking our evolved methods, our investment in education, and the latest tools, we Update our strategies. Organizations must be flexible enough to constantly adapt and yet resilient enough not to fragment under the stress of such change. This is the strength at the heart of more than twenty years of Solution Delivery at TEAM IM.

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