Vantage Unveiled: Insights from a TEAM IM Solution Engineer

Alex Dang
Feb 9, 2024 5:00:45 PM

When I was initially tasked with developing an application to synchronize data between ABBYY Vantage and M-Files, I must admit that I had little knowledge of what Vantage truly entailed. However, after delving into Vantage's skill editor and exploring its capabilities, I quickly realized the immense power it possessed. It was my first encounter with such a seamlessly integrated OCR data extraction tool, and what made it even more incredible was its ability to learn and improve through AI technology, constantly evolving with each extraction.

Once the implementation was complete and the application was made available on the ABBYY marketplace, my anticipation grew to witness the various use cases it would address for our clients. One client in particular, a Global Merchant, required extensive data capture and extraction across numerous documents, all to be seamlessly stored within M-Files. An interesting and specific use case for this client involved syncing their data from ABBYY Vantage to M-Files, ensuring that if a Vendor were extracted from a document, it would automatically be assigned to the document object's metadata card in M-Files.

In addition to the client's requirements, they also expressed the need for the ability to preserve the extracted data in its raw format for future data applications. To address this, we made modifications to the Vantage application that allowed for the storage of the raw JSON data in a separate file. This file would then be linked to the corresponding document in M-Files, ensuring seamless accessibility and reference to the extracted information.

By incorporating this feature, we not only met the client's immediate need for data synchronization but also provided them with a valuable resource for their long-term goals. The ability to preserve the raw data in a separate file allows for future analysis, manipulation, and integration into various data applications. This ensures that the client can leverage the extracted information in a flexible and adaptable manner, supporting their evolving business needs.

The implementation of this feature exemplifies the adaptability and versatility of the Vantage application. It showcases how the power of AI technology combined with seamless integration can not only solve immediate challenges but also provide long-term support for businesses' evolving data requirements. Witnessing our client's successful utilization of this application was an incredibly gratifying experience, and it has only fueled my excitement for future opportunities to tackle complex business challenges using this remarkable tool.

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