JourneyApps named as RealWear preferred development platform

Volker Schaberg
Aug 1, 2022 1:11:56 PM

In June, RealWear® named JourneyApps as their preferred development platform.   See Building RealWear Custom Apps. TEAM IM as a preferred JourneyApps development partner is excited to be in a position to develop hands free, voice activated Apps for RealWear® devices.

This development put TEAM IM in a position to be able to provide an even wider range of field data collection, inspection, and maintenance mobile apps.  The popularity of RealWear® devices exploded during the pandemic as travel restrictions fueled the need for "expert staff" to remotely instruct "onsite staff" to perform critical onsite maintenance and inspection tasks. 

Since then, the use cases for hands free apps have expanded exponentially, often automating the instruction process but also extending into field data capture and digitally connecting the back-office and field staff.  The ability to have your hands free is critical for many jobs in heavy industry while being able to receive step-by-step instructions. Capturing voice enabled installation/maintenance/inspection data, recording photo or video evidence of task completion, and automatically setting location, altitude, and other data from the device is driving a shift to digitizing many previously manual paper and pen tasks.  Realtime progress data in the back-office is optimizing scheduling and increasing productivity.

Developing voice activated Apps in JourneyApps is made easier by the fact that the JourneyApps platform has baked in support for voice.  JourneyApps also provided a number of template Apps enabling us to deliver faster.  Take a look at this Zoom and MS Teams communications template App as an example.


The JourneyApps platform allows us to rapidly create and deploy hands-free RealWear® workflow apps, such as inspectionscondition assessmentsoperator rounds, asset/work order managementSOPs, manufacturing, training, and more.

Improve task productivity by as much as 60% with a hands free App.

If you have a hands-free App idea, contact us today.

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