JourneyApps Rapid Development

Fletcher Thomas
Sep 9, 2022 10:46:32 AM

JourneyApps provides a fully-featured platform to facilitate simple and quick application development, deployment, and delivery.

  1. Application is developed in their Web-based IDE, Oxide
    1. Take a look at Randy's article for an overview of how data is managed in JourneyApps
  2. Oxide integrates with GitHub for easy source control
  3. Includes functionality to create testing, staging, and production deployments. Each deployment has its own database and can have a distinct branch of code deployed
  4. Developers are able to work in a testing deployment and when ready deploy to staging with a single click
  5. Client admin/super-users are granted access to staging for validating application changes prior to a production deploy

The platform operates on a container-based model.  JourneyApps has stock containers for all the common operating systems: Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.  This means that the code only needs to be written a single time in Oxide and can then be deployed and run on any OS including desktop and mobile.  Thus all users can get access to the same data on their phone, tablet, and computer.  Additional great features offered by the JourneyApps platform:

  1. Offline compatibility - JourneyApps includes a Local DB on user devices with a configurable subset of the global data based on user attributes.  This data is automatically synchronized with the cloud when connectivity is reestablished
    1. This is fantastic for fieldwork where users do not necessarily have internet access throughout the jobsite
  2. Single Sign-On - common protocols are supported including SAML, OIDC, WS-Fed so that users may log in directly to your Identity Provider of choice.  Can automatically map attributes such as User Groups from the IDP into the user database
  3. White labeling - the coloring and branding of the application (on all platforms) is fully customizable such that users will not even know they are using a JourneyApps application
  4. Integration - JourneyApps includes a fully featured REST API including the ability to write custom endpoints.  Additionally, the CloudCode Service layer allows for running custom code to facilitate poll-based integrations

Please contact us if you think JourneyApps could help your business.


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